Online cohesion circle layer, offline break circle create together, jieway automobile customer service to play a new pattern

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At present, China’s car market has officially entered the era of stock cars, the competition of market segments at all levels is becoming increasingly fierce, and car companies have also increased their investment in market segments to stand out in the market dilemma.However, only relying on the product first, market position of the “corporate vision”, it is difficult to really get the resonance and recognition of consumers.For this reason, adhering to the concept of “user-centered” under the guidance of personalized and diversified market demand is the way to break the market dilemma.Among many car companies, jetway’s customer service is especially worth saying.As a dark horse in China’s auto market, Jetway auto has made clear the concept of “user-centered” since the brand was established, and gained the trust of 400,000 users within 3 years. While creating “Jetway speed”, jetway also let many users from “bystanders” into “fellow travelers”.So, jieway car is how to go to the middle of the user, and the user into the resonance?Clearly, attentive service and a pleasant experience are essential.To create three 100% user projects for better user experience Jietu auto knows that to seize user needs and take user needs as the core to achieve brand breakthrough.In this regard, Jietu Auto has made efforts to create three 100% user service projects: 100% direct user, 100% direct user and 100% user evaluation. Jietu Auto’s service ability has been continuously improved through the service process that users can touch before and after sales.Under the promotion of the three 100% user projects, Jietu auto’s user service to the rapid, accurate, warm heart constantly advanced.Jietu Motor has carried out “breaking and restructuring” in the internal service process, established an agile organization and supporting system, broke the internal department process barriers, brought users direct service experience, and realized zero distance communication of user service.As long as the jietu car can reach every place, jietu car’s service will also be able to cover.So, even in epidemic swept through the special period, rapid road car user service can still further the villages and towns, crossing the no man’s land, even if it’s just replace the glass of water, check the dosage of antifreeze these simple vehicle inspection items, service personnel will keep to the user’s side, to ensure their safety, smooth transport.In fact, JTC’s service specialists can accurately and quickly complete vehicle maintenance and maintenance, which is due to JTC’s strict requirements on service skills.In order to bring users efficient, high quality service experience, jie road car continuously strengthen service commissioner service skills, and this year launched the first service elite competition jie road cars, through quzhou, xi ‘an, suzhou, guilin, weihai, shijiazhuang six branch audition gradually, finally send out 30 service elite championship in wuhu.Jietu Auto Service Elite Competition is launched by Jietu Auto through the mode of “competition instead of training”, which is committed to comprehensively improve the business ability of service specialists, aiming to bring better service experience to consumers.In addition to the special services for vehicles, Jietu automobile pays more attention to the user’s service experience.During the May 1 and 11 holidays this year, Jietu automobile has created a “warm heart high speed, Jietu peer” service activities, aimed at reducing the owners journey fatigue, help users happy travel.Among them, during this year’s Eleven long holiday service activities, Jieway automobile in the country 11 provinces open 17 Jieway automobile high-speed station, not only for the user vehicle safety testing, free add oil, more owners to provide warm heart small gifts and food, drinking water and other supplies, carefully accompany the user every trip.According to statistics, during the service activities of “warm heart high-speed, Jietu Counterparts”, a total of 530 car owners have provided 8 free and exclusive travel safety inspection services, and more than 1200 users have enjoyed jietu relay station energy supply services, allowing users to truly feel jietu car service sincerity.In addition, to give consumers more quality store experience, rapid way car dealership in China launched “jie net action” program, through the hall all-round cleaning, repair and replacement damage identification, regularly organize the exhibition hall and the workshop put a series of measures, is dedicated to bringing consumers to shop more excellent store experience, optimize the quality of customer service.At present, the world has entered a new era of digitalization, and the digitalization reform has posed new challenges to the development and survival mode of all walks of life.Facing the wave of digitalization, Jietu automobile has also carried out digitalization reform in its service system.From consumers to shop for the first time a car until complete the purchase, users and rapid way of automobile products, services, the whole process will be completely rendered online, the user can clearly and transparently about pre-sale, sale and after-sale services, such as multiple process all the information, to express road car service supervision at the same time, also can fully process real-time evaluation,Jietu car user service can achieve continuous optimization.In addition, on the basis of rapid, accurate offline customer service, express way more open car remote air services, mobile service center, intelligent service APP online service process, such as changing the traditional service process slow reaction, evaluation of process, long time, just more disadvantages at the same time, through the at any time, anywhere, at the convenience of service idea, the linkage of the form online,For users to build a complete intelligent service system, so that Jietu automobile strength, confidence for more users to bring more pleasant service experience.Among them, jietu Auto APP intelligent service functions have been completed online in the first half of this year, through professional, intelligent, privileged, connected service principles, online for users to establish an “online consultant service mode”, convenient Jietu Auto and users to communicate at any time.Based on the full opening of online and offline service process, Jietu Automobile has more space to play in the field of user service.In September this year, the way the car again completed the user service comprehensive upgrade, released on the 4th fan culture festival “hundred”, “7 * 24 h real-time service”, “appointment as”, “45 minutes fast bao”, “to enjoy service”, “evaluation of a godsend,” six big user service commitments, jie road car perfect customer service, marketing landscape at the same time,By giving users practical rights and interests, to better service for users to escort travel.Since the establishment of the brand, Jietu Motor has always adhered to the “travel +” strategic heart, based on the core to meet the needs of consumers who love to travel and yearn for travel, continuous innovation of services, to build multiple contact points for users.If in the marketing concept, Jietu motor is based on “the best understanding of customer needs, the most close to the customer marketing, the most pleasant customer experience” as the starting point, then, in the fan culture festival, Jiemo self-driving travel, user co-creation, family dinner and other activities, jietu motor is a practical embodiment of warm heart service.In the future, Jiatu Motor will still adhere to the “user-centered” service concept, and build a more diversified user ecosystem on the basis of providing quality services, so that users can enjoy the service experience brought by Jiatu Motor and realize more value and rights with the help of the service platform.The event will run from March 28, 2022 to March 31, 2022