An 80-year-old man rescued seven people from a snowstorm in Canada

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Recently, the story of an 80-year-old man in Canada who rescued seven people trapped in three cars through a snowstorm has attracted people’s attention.Shannon St. Onge posted on Facebook that she was trapped in a snowstorm for 14 hours Monday night, but an 80-year-old retiree from nearby Vancouver helped her and six other people out of the storm thanks to an online call for help from a stranger.Monday turned out to be just another day for Shannon St. Onge, who lives in Sabons, Alberta.She drove about 25 kilometers east into Regina for work.Shannon, who is finance director of the Canadian Aboriginal University, said she was just driving to the office that day to write a check. It didn’t take long.Although a blizzard was forecast and she was watching the highway, she didn’t think it would be a big deal. She just filled up her car, picked up a new phone charger and bought some pizza for her kids to eat at home.She just didn’t realize that her random actions helped her survive her 14-hour ordeal in the snow storm.She took a dirt road and thought winter driving conditions would be better, but the white snow soon got her lost.She drove at a snail’s pace, constantly rolling down the window and using the roadside as a guide.After a while, she realized she was lost.She said there was no visibility and it was impossible to drive any further, it was too dangerous.She pulled over and called 911.The operator advised her to stay put and wait out the storm, plus she was warm in the car and had a tank of gas.According to her Facebook post, she wasn’t sure if a tank of gas would last until morning, worried about everything from getting hit by another car to falling asleep in the car and getting her exhaust pipe blocked.Shannon quickly wanted to solve the problem as quickly as possible.She could make out a street sign reading bouvier Lane, and she wanted to know where she was.She posted her location on Google Maps to the Pense Community Facebook page, asking community members to help pinpoint her location.It just so happened that one of the men in the community also happened to be from Burns, but now lived in Vancouver and was able to locate her.The good Samaritan privately texted Shannon saying he knew a family nearby and might pass on her phone number to their son.After Andre Bouvier Sr. ‘s son called him for help about Shannon, the 80-year-old decided to go out looking for him despite his wife’s fears that he might be in danger during a snowstorm.Andre Sr. grabbed an LED flashlight and walked about a quarter mile through the snowstorm looking for Shannon’s car.Old Andrea pointed out that the wind was so strong that he had to put his gloves before his eyes to protect him from the storm before he could go on.To the elder Bouvier’s surprise, he found two other cars also trapped near Shannon’s car.In the end, The elder Andre leads three carloads of seven stranded people back to his house in a snowstorm and welcomes them to stay the night.Shannon was grateful to be given food, blankets, pillows and a warm place to rest for a few hours.By 5:30 a.m., they were able to get back on the road, though the road was still in poor condition.Old Bouvier even plowed the driveway for his guests.Shannon says she made new friends after a night of suffering.Bouvier sr. became an overnight hero after his son and daughter shared a video of Shannon’s rescue in the snowstorm that went viral.The elder Bouvier was modest and did not want to take too much credit for helping strangers in need.”Everyone does the same thing,” he says. “Don’t think about it, just do it.”