Yuzuru hanyu’s 4A and another Yuri

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Yuzuru Hanyu attempted the axel quadruple jump (4A) at the Beijing Winter Olympics on The morning of February 10.Although he fell off the ice and ended up missing the medal, he was praised for his Olympic spirit on the ice.Four years ago in Pyeongchang, Hanyu became the youngest men’s singles champion to defend his title at the Winter Olympics.The sports world is always too strict with age, and although he was only 23 that year, he was already considered a veteran who could retire with a halo.But Hanyu said he had a new goal — to challenge for 4A.At the all Japan Figure skating Championships at the end of last year, Hanyu also competed in 4A, but was demoted to 3A due to lack of weeks.Despite this, he still became the champion by a large margin and qualified for the Beijing Winter Olympics.I watched the game live with my friends.Most of the audience was focused on Yuzuru Hanyu and the other Olympic qualifiers, and if it weren’t for bad taste, I might have struggled to spot tanaka’s crime among the 32 competitors.In Japanese, “criminal” means “police”, how can someone be called police after their name?Friends also notice, exclaim together: “all already 27 years old!”When I heard this comment, I felt a momentary double vision, as if I had said the same thing at the beginning of yuri on Ice a few years ago.Yuri on Ice is a sports animation based on figure skating.Japanese sports animation is not so much “routines” as a set of mature formulas in the creation of scripts.Most of the core characters are young and energetic, but full of talent, so in a trial to polish the sharp edges and corners, but also polished out the brilliance of the diamond.Therefore, when I watch blood Sports cartoons, I don’t necessarily like the sport, but rather get the blood of youth in the virtual story while accompanying the protagonist to grow up, so that my real life can be refreshed.In preparation for the upcoming theatrical version of Yuri on Ice, the anime team has created a new image in which yuri, the main character, is dressed in the same uniform as the Japanese figure skating team in the Winter Olympics.However, Yuri on Ice starts out differently from what I expected. Kastuki Yuri, the main character, starts out as a 23-year-old “senior” athlete. He has been defeated in the figure skating Grand Prix finals and the Japan Competition in a row.I didn’t manage my body in the offseason, gained a lot of weight and showed no motivation.The opposite is yuri Plisetsky, a newcomer from Russia who has been described by the industry as a “beautiful monster in the making”. He reached the final of his first grand Prix at the age of 15 and, despite his rebellious and difficult personality, is believed to have a bright future.The two figure skaters have similar names but very different circumstances.Fortunately, the world of animation is full of love and touching, yong Li with the idol of fancy skating prince Victor to imitate the skating clip was accidentally uploaded to the Internet, and happened to be seen by Victor himself.Experienced peak, in the individual bottleneck period victor in yong Li’s performance accidentally found the possibility of self-breakthrough, also found yong Li’s flash point, so he personally came to Japan, abandoned the agreement for Yuri choreography, decided to become yong Li’s coach.The two Yuri’s figure skating careers intersect because of Viktor.Victor gave Yong Li cheer up love, also gave Yuri inclusive love, two people with a pulse, because different personality blossomed separately, break through their limits constantly.In the final International Grand Prix, Yuri was still the tallest talent and won the gold medal, while Yong Ri came back from the bottom to win the silver medal.This is another Angle narrated sports competition, but I also got positive feedback, age is nothing, if there is a dream, there will be a future!The Animation team of Yuri on Ice prepared for two years, starting in 2014 when they decided to create an original figure skating animation.In order to make figure skating as authentic as possible, many of the athletes in the production refer to real athletes, and the dance moves used by the characters in competitions are also created by first-line choreographers.Coincidentally, the animation choreographer Kenji Miyamoto also happens to be in charge of tanaka criminal choreography.Kenji Miyamoto is very good at choreography according to the personality and performance of the contestants.When the object is to pursue the courage of “love”, the dance movements can be soft and full of love; when the object is tanaka criminal, he also tries to express the passionate atmosphere of tanaka criminal with a more relaxed attitude.In fact, Tanaka is an otaku who loves anime. Since 2016, he has been skating with anime songs such as spirited Away and The Wonderful Adventure of JOJO.In order to cooperate with the world view of animation, Tanaka also made great efforts to the collocation of performance clothes. To perform “The wonderful adventure of JOJO”, he perfectly copied the plane hair and clothes of the character East Lisuke, and constantly added the classic pose that appeared in the animation in the performance. Netizens laughed and said that “jumping harder than the official competition”.This earned Tanaka a fan base that also loved anime and inspired him to take anime music more seriously.Therefore, Tanaka decided to use anime music for the official short program competition, choosing the melody of “New Evangelion Theater Version: The End”.Despite her strong determination, Tanaka finished 11th in the All Japan Figure skating Championships and was unable to compete in the Beijing Winter Olympics.Real world criminal tanaka, may not be like a feather born of the same age on the biggest stage of self challenge, also is unable to replicate in the anime yong’s fantasy, but they can face the pressure of “old age”, release is willing to stand on the ice forever faith, the temperature of this firm, melted me this 30 + accumulation of negative energy in the life of ordinary people.When asked what he thought of Yuzuru hanyu’s fourth place finish, Tanaka said: “Hanyu’s perseverance is beyond all of us. Although we are the same age, I have always admired him.Anyway, it was nice to finish the game without getting hurt.”On the field, every time the athletes pay a sincere struggle, in fact, can wake up the reality of the dream sleep.If the Olympic Games bring charging opportunity is once in four years, the remaining electricity, please come on the sports animation of blood.(Editor: Sun Xiaoning) Source: Beijing Daily