Seeking truth from facts is the greatest party spirit

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Seeking truth from facts is a fundamental Marxist viewpoint, a fundamental requirement for Chinese Communists to understand and transform the world, and a basic method of thinking, work, and leadership of our Party.Looking back at the Party’s century-old history, paying attention to reality and seeking truth from facts is a red line and lifeline that our Party has won with blood and life and that runs through all of its theory and practice.It is precisely because we have adhered to seeking truth from facts and insisted on targeting China’s revolution, construction and reform with the “arrow” of Marxism that we have successfully embarked on the path of the new-democratic revolution, carried out socialist revolution and promoted socialist construction, and created, adhered to and developed socialism with Chinese characteristics.Since the eighteenth congress, the party central committee with comrade xi as the core, to seek truth from facts through the governing all aspects, each link, insist on marxism “vector” shoot a new era of “of” of China, the deepening of communist rule, socialist construction law, law of development of human society,We united the Chinese people and led them in creating socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era, and the Chinese nation has made a great leap from standing up, becoming prosperous to becoming strong.In an important speech titled “Striving to become a Useful and capable man of great responsibility” recently published by Qiushi Magazine, Xi Stressed the need to “pay attention to reality and seek truth from facts”, which further pointed out scientific methods for party members and cadres, especially young cadres, to study new situations and solve new problems.”Master the basic skills of investigation and research.”Investigation and research is the heirloom of our Party and the basic skill to go deep into reality and understand reality.Only by doing a good job of investigation and research can we be practical and realistic.General Secretary Xi Jinping has always attached great importance to investigation and research, stressing that “without investigation, there would be no right to speak, and without investigation, there would be no decision-making power.” He has taken the lead in setting an example for the whole Party.The targeted poverty alleviation strategy was put forward by the General Secretary on the basis of in-depth investigation and research.Since the 18th CPC National Congress, the General Secretary has traveled to 14 contiguous poverty-stricken areas to improve ideas and measures for poverty alleviation, leading the whole Party and the Chinese people in winning the battle against poverty.The General Secretary has set clear requirements on how to make investigations and studies thorough and practical. First, “We must keep our eyes down and our feet down, always dive down and stay on the front lines. We must look at both near and far, both good and bad, listen to both praise and criticism from cadres and the public, and truly get a thorough picture of the situation.”Second, “not only ‘body into’ grassroots, but also ‘heart to’ grassroots, listen to the truth, observe the truth, really research problems, research real problems”;Third, “we should work hard on in-depth analysis and thinking, remove the dross and select the essence, eliminate the false and retain the true, from one to the other, from the outside to the inside, find the nature and laws of things, find solutions to problems”;Four is “to use good exchange, comparison, repeated methods, pay attention to listen to all aspects of the opinion, including minority opinions, opposing opinions, stereoscopic analysis, think before you act, prevent self-righteous, conceited”.”What needs to be solved most is the party spirit.”Whether they dare to seek truth from facts is an important reflection of the purity and weakness of the party spirit of cadres.As General Secretary Xi Jinping has pointed out, “To proceed from reality and seek truth from facts is not only a matter of ideology and method, but also a matter of party spirit.”In 1943, xi zhongxun, comrade ren suide prefectural party committee secretaries to suide normal school to examine the cadres in the work of a serious problem, feel very sad, after a thorough investigation and study, careful to distinguish ideological understanding problems and political problems, avoid the mistakes to examine the cadres “exploited” in the work, and to the CPC Central Committee and relevant XiBeiJu truthfully reflect the situation,He suggested that the CPC Central Committee promptly stop “extorting confessions and letters” and correct “left-leaning” errors.Under the circumstances, it was a great political risk to do so. Comrade Xi Zhongxun was willing to take such a risk because he believed that loyalty to the Party should mean not telling lies and that “seeking truth from facts is the ultimate Party spirit”.”The most fundamental thing is whether we tell the truth and tell the truth, and whether we are practical and pragmatic.”After the 18th NATIONAL Congress of the CPC, General Secretary Xi Jinping clearly put forward the requirements of “three stricts and three honests” for Party members and cadres, which he reiterated in the important speech “Striving to become capable and capable of carrying out important responsibilities”, stressing that they should be consistently implemented.General secretary of the deep analysis of some cadres cannot do the ideological root of seeking truth from facts, said: “those who have it both ways, polished, those who hide contradictions, whitewashes, those tokenistic gesture, do the practical work, those who lie, get rich quick, is not true materialists, have selfishness.”He also profoundly expounds from two aspects of positive and negative, young cadres must adhere to the party spirit foundation work, to be honest, do LaoShiShi, do honest as an important content of party spirit training and exercise, dare to stick to the truth, good at independent thinking, adhere to the practical, “this is good for the cause of the party and the people, is good for your health and personal growth and”.Source: Qiushi website review: Wang Shaoyun braided hair: Wang An Material editing: Shi Jiaojiao, Chen Zhuo