Is the silver dollar still up momentum?

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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, both the real economy in The Domestic market and the real economy in the foreign market have become extremely difficult, which has left both antique dealers and antique art collectors with little money in their pockets.Whether the ancient coins in the antique art collection market can go on to a higher level has become a thing that many collectors and businessmen are looking forward to.Although xiaobian personally also like to play ancient coins, and also like to collect all kinds of old silver dollars, but it is more foreign currency to play, domestic currency to play less.But for whether the ancient coin market in China still has room for rise, xiaobian also wants to stand in a spectator’s perspective and talk about his own ideas.1: Beiyang Guangxu 34 seven money two separate cloud PCGS MS 64, estimated value: USD 10000-15000, transaction price:USD 87000 xiaobian believes that to analyze this problem, we need to analyze it respectively from the internal and external aspects, because only after such an analysis can we have a clear judgment on the development trend of the ancient coin collection market: First of all, let’s analyze it from the internal aspects of its ancient coin collection:In the past few years, the market of ancient coin collection in China has been in good condition. It is not difficult for collectors to observe that the overall market economy in China is not very good, and the consumption of the market has been in a depressed state for a long time.Housing prices are not noisy suppression of a lot of real estate speculation funds;If people choose to start their own business, the probability of failure is relatively high;Stocks are too risky an investment.2: Beiyang Guangxu 25 years seven cents PCGS MS 63, estimated value: USD 10000-15000, transaction price:Nowadays, the way for ordinary people to achieve wealth freedom through traditional real estate investment has been closed, so many people now have a lot of idle capital in their hands and want to seek a way out.Driven by the effect of making money, some funds directly enter the ancient coin collection market.If the internal environment of the ancient coin collection market does not change in the future, the channels for making money for both ordinary people and collectors who like collecting antique works of art will become narrow.So in the long run, the ancient coin collection market is still a good investment financial products, especially the investment of the old silver dollar, and its development prospect is bright.3: Jilin Province Wushen Seven money two fen Manchu NGC AU-Details, valuation: USD 30,000-60000, transaction price: USD 84000 Secondly, from the external aspects of analysis:At present, the market price of gold and silver coins in western capitalist countries centered on the United States has taken the lead in soaring. In 2021 alone, the market turnover of rare ancient coins in the United States has reached hundreds of millions of yuan.The market price in tens of millions of varieties of rare ancient coins, everywhere.At the same time last year, such a message also stimulated the domestic collection of ancient COINS market in our country, only at the end of 2021, a silver medal zhang zuolin avatar clinch a deal with the high price of twenty-six million yuan, the coin after clinch a deal, also a sensation throughout the silver market in our country, and make domestic ancient COINS collection market confidence.The case of Zhang Zuolin silver coin also illustrates to our ancient coin collectors from the side that, under the background of economic globalization, the sense of nose of capital market is very keen.Compared with Europe and the United States and other old capitalist countries, many ancient coins in the domestic market also belong to the value depression, there will be a lot of capital intervention in the future!Therefore, for the future development of China’s ancient coin collection market, xiaobian personal conclusion is that the development of the domestic ancient coin market is predictable in the future, and the market price of all kinds of coins will rise step by step.Especially those belonging to high-end ancient coins, their explosive power is immeasurable.