The bridge construction process was introduced in the second phase construction of Wuhan Metro Line 16

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Construction site of cast-in-place cap of viaduct section of Line 16 phase II.The second phase construction site of Wuhan metro Line 16 was brightly lit at 2 o ‘clock in the morning on March 13. After 4 hours of continuous construction, the concrete pouring process of the third pedestal did not appear a swelling mold and pull rod phenomenon.It is understood that the project department of The second phase of Line 16 focused on management innovation, quality and safety innovation to improve construction efficiency and sprint for a “good start”, and the success of each construction platform was reported frequently.Strict test of pouring cap concrete for second phase viaduct section of Line 16.In the early hours of the morning, the concrete tank truck arrived at the second phase of line 16, the third block cap pouring site, the experimenter Lu Liang immediately slump test, to ensure that the quality of concrete qualified.Then, he filled six mold boxes with concrete, concrete test block molding test;After quenching at 600℃, the compressive strength of the test block is tested to reflect whether the strength of the cap meets the design requirements.After pouring the cap, Lu liang and his workers covered the plastic film and quilt for moisture and heat preservation.Lu Liang said that the cap maintenance for 7 days, like taking care of their own children, every morning, in the evening to check the maintenance to ensure the quality of the cap.For the first time, an integrated platform of pier and ladder construction is adopted for the second phase viaduct construction of Line 16.The second phase of Line 16 consists of 2 stations and 3 sections, all of which are elevated stations, and 172 piers and columns need to be completed.Wuhan metro construction enterprise headquarters level project manager Zhou Gejun introduced, an 8-meter-high pier column, only scaffolding will take half a day, in order to improve efficiency, the project department and the construction party of China Railway Bridge Bureau to discuss, decided to use the bridge construction method, high as a platform, using pier climbing ladder construction integration platform.At the construction site, the platform is a cage ladder frame, fully closed steel structure, covering the pier construction scope, with stepping ladder stepping and operating platform, to ensure the safety and safety of workers’ work.Ladder cage every 2 meters of a section, all using the form of bolting, assembly is convenient, but also can be lifted as a whole, each turnover only 2 hours.Operation platform layer height of 2 meters, can realize the upper and lower synchronous operation, effectively improve the construction pier reinforcement binding, template installation efficiency, improve the fine construction quality.Spring Festival does not stop after the sprint “a good start” line 16 second phase viaduct section cap welding.During the Spring Festival, 300 people stuck to the second phase of line 16, and now the number of people on duty after the holiday has increased to 676.At the site, 60 sets of various kinds of equipment are working day and night, and the pile foundation operation stage has been fully entered. Nearly 200 60-meter-long pile foundations have been completed. It is planned to complete civil construction of pile foundations by the end of March, and 1,080 pile foundations will be completed.Zhou gejun’s hometown is Luoyang, Henan Province. It only takes him three and a half hours to get home by high-speed train. This is the third Spring Festival he has spent at the construction site since the construction of Line 16.He said that the project department in accordance with the management principle of “appointed personnel and posts, posts and posts, everyone is responsible, division of labor and cooperation”, subway construction does not stop, the builder must be on site.Seeing “a new change every day” in the second phase of Line 16, he said, “Work is stressful, but more fulfilling.”The second phase of Line 16 starts from Xingcheng Avenue station east of the intersection of Shamao Avenue and Weihu South Road. The route runs southeast to northwest, along the central strip of Shamao Avenue, and ends at Zhoujiahe Station of The first phase of Line 16. The total length is 4.22 kilometers, and all of them are laid on viaducts.The line runs through the General Aviation Industrial Park, along which there are geely, Xiaopeng, AVIC lithium battery and other new energy industry projects.