Ningxia Wuzhong sends public employment service for enterprise door-to-door

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On March 29, Ningxia Wuzhong Employment, Entrepreneurship and Human Resource Service Center organized staff to contact project implementation subjects in two groups according to the list of major projects in Wuzhong city, and proactively provided public employment services.”We provide door-to-door policy delivery services for enterprises, collect project employment needs, and change ‘I want to recruit’ to ‘help me recruit’, which solves the urgent needs of enterprises.”Ningxia Yili Dairy Co., LTD. Human resources director gratefully said.In visit ningxia yili dairy co., LTD., Shanghai biological technology co., LTD., ningxia spring up in the north source biological technology co., LTD. 11 companies in the process, such as staff through to the enterprise job category, the number of requirements, professional requirements, age, cultural level and professional skill labor requirements gathering, listen to advice and opinions about the employment service enterprises.In view of the activity of “live Posting” promoted by Wuzhong Employment, Entrepreneurship and Talent Service Center, all enterprises suggest that they should carry out special live Posting based on the actual recruitment needs of enterprises and positions, show the working environment and job workflow of enterprises, attract professional employment groups and improve the conversion rate of live Posting.Wuzhong city employment, entrepreneurship and the relevant person in charge of talent service center said, according to the visit to collect labor demand of enterprise, will use the public recruitment nets, ningxia wuzhong city industrial park, WeChat public human resources service platform, and the college graduates employment service activities, the private enterprise recruitment on periodic public recruitment activities such as online offline recruitment activities of many kinds of form,Help enterprises solve employment problems.According to the needs of enterprises, we will carry out at least one “order-type” pre-job skills training to promote more adequate and higher-quality employment, and help major projects to be implemented, started, and delivered early.(Original title: Wuzhong city for enterprises to send public employment services) (On duty editor: Yang Ting People’s Daily client Ningxia Channel mailbox: Statement: This article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source of error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with in a timely manner.Email address: