Li Si, a prime minister through the ages, fought with Zhao Gao three times. Why did he lose all of them?

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In ancient times, the emperor was the son of heaven and had the highest status and power. The person next to the emperor was the prime minister of the dynasty. The prime minister was below one person and above ten thousand people, but he was always subject to the emperor.At the side of the emperor was a position of eunuch.Eunuchs are usually eunuchs, although most of the eunuchs under the status, like the TV, only to please, but serve the emperor’s eunuchs, but have real power, equivalent to the role of the butler, and even can intervene in the son of heaven, not ordinary eunuchs comparable.Thus, in the event of royal decline, real power was more likely to fall into the hands of the chief eunuchs.Zhao Gao was a eunuch in the Qin Dynasty at first. He was proficient in the law and managed the state affairs. In his later years, he had more power in both the court and the opposition.Of course not, at that time Li Si had the ability to compete with Zhao Gao, and was called the first minister of the ages by later generations, but finally Li Si still lost to Zhao Gao, why is this?Li Si was a statesman with great talent, and his actions and measures were legalist. On the one hand, He lost to Zhao Gao because Zhao Gao was crafty. Zhao Gao was a famous schemer, while Li Si was in power, and his talent was more about governing the country.And the most important reason is that Lis is a sticker, a refined egoist, who does everything on the premise that it is good for him.It was well known that Zhao Gao was at odds with Fusu, and he wanted Huhai to succeed him.Li si’s wisdom made it clear that Childe Fusu was more suitable than Huhai to inherit the throne.Zhao Gao then went to Li Si and explained to him what was at stake. Once Huhai became prime minister, he would still be able to be his prime minister, but if Fusu became prime minister, his position would also be at risk.So for their own status and identity, he can only fool once, support Hu Hai.This was a wrong start. When Hu Hai succeeded to the throne, zhao Gao became the man in control of power. Zhao Gao was afraid of Li Si and naturally wanted to get rid of him quickly.Therefore, it is obvious that li Si, a famous prime minister, was defeated many times by Zhao Gao, on the one hand, zhao Gao was too sinister, on the other hand, he was selfish.