Songpan, Sichuan: Building the “three Zero” model of mass work with “point, line and plane”

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All along, the finest in sichuan province with complete coverage of the masses for the “emotion partnerships union” total gripper, innovation to carry out the “family visit, everyone is busy” project practice, aimed at the distress sorrow hope things, practical measures, accurate, get the “starting point”, focusing on “stop”, highlight the “of” point, line and plane built for the people “” SanLing” mode.Focus on one “spot” and pair the “zero blind spot”.Implement dynamic adjustment of the joint household cadre mechanism, optimize the helping force, adjust and improve the three books of “leadership package piece joint Township Division of Labor ledger”, “department joint township Support work ledger” and “cadres pair support work ledger”;Closely following the main line of mass work of “solving the difficulties of the people, helping the people become rich, and warming the hearts of the people”, we coordinated more than 4,000 Party members and cadres at the county, township and village levels, and connected with more than 17,000 households in 17 towns, 122 villages (communities).Establish a system of contact and assistance for county-level cadres, county-level departments, section-level cadres, and cadres and workers.In a scientific and rational way, cadres will work in villages and households in batches and at different times. They will eat, live, and work with the people, and they will make detailed connections with the structure of family members, financial sources, difficulties, aspirations, and special problems, so as to make sure that households are informed, governors are informed, and problems are addressed.A parallel connection “line”, up and down linkage “zero gap”.With the pattern of “county rural three-level linkage”, a “week summary to collect + + month quarter” ways of working, the monthly dynamic collection “” I does the practical work for the masses” practice form, “” I does the practical work for the masses” practice activities report “” “I does the practical work for the masses of the people’s livelihood “problem of dynamic management parameter, etc. 4 this parameter;With county-level departments as the main body, 85 “spring ploughing preparation service teams” have been set up to enter villages and households, go deep into the fields, and fully participate in the spring ploughing preparation service work. Up to now, more than 2,000 people have participated in the work.132 Party Member service teams have been set up mainly in towns and townships, participating in nine key tasks, including epidemic prevention and control, forest and grassland fire prevention and control, investigation and resolution of conflicts and disputes, and work safety.For 58 poverty-stricken villages, key villages for rural revitalization, weak and lax villages and other key villages in the county, 168 officials from provincial, prefectural and county organs were selected to help them.Broaden a service “surface”, solve difficulties for the people “zero discount”.Constantly expand public services, pay attention to problems found at a line, a line of problem solving, adhere to the mark for the forward, power, sinking, targeted to provide the knowledge, technology, product information and labor demand, can solve school, health, employment, income, etc, the actual difficulties, provide a wide range of services more than 500 times;We collected 95 opinions and suggestions that attracted the public’s attention and generated loud complaints, adopted the “list system” and “accountability system”, and sent 10 types of problems to relevant departments and towns and townships one by one by way of penalty penalties, and urged them to rectify and implement them quickly.Organized motorcycle propaganda teams, horseback propaganda teams, tibetan-Chinese bilingual propaganda teams and other forces, went to the front lines of agricultural and pastoral areas, and publicized policies benefiting the people for more than 200 times.We carried out the “five activities” of open-door visits, community-level visits, patient listening and visiting, whole-staff research and visits, and worked hard to resolve more than 150 cases of conflicts and disputes.(tashi)