Poor people, often like to make their own things, advise you not so!

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I have been writing a lot about human nature recently, and many of my friends have asked me to tell you why some people work very hard and are very ambitious, but they always feel unlucky and have a hard time.People in this life, encounter some sad, unhappy things, nine out of ten.For example, you care about brotherhood, but the other person always find fault with no reason.You’re preoccupied with your work, but coworkers keep getting in the way.You do your best to make money and support your family, but your wife always thinks you’re underpaid and a loser.For these “external reasons”, we can hardly change the status quo in a short time, but the fate of life, we can completely control.Do not meet unhappy things on the fate, fate of the people, seemingly on a lot of things without desire, it shows their incompetence.Here to give you a summary of the fate of the people, often have 3 performance, if you also have, I hope you can get rid of as soon as possible, get rid of the “fate” of your bondage, don’t let fate continue to torture yourself.Always look on the Bad Side Many things in life have two sides, but some people always look on the dark side.For example, at work, the company gave me a raise, which is a good thing, full of energy.But he found out that his colleagues were getting raises too, and were even more physically attractive than he was.As a result, instead of turning “envy” into motivation, they let themselves degenerate more and more.This kind of people want to get rid of the bitter life is actually very difficult, after all, there is competition in the society all the time, if we can only accept better than others, but do not see others outstanding place, we can only live in their own small world complacent.How can you improve yourself?Looking at the good does not mean that we are completely oblivious to the bad, but that we can mobilize ourselves as much as possible to take action.No matter how good your ideal is, if you can’t see the good in your eyes, how can you have a good life?Sometimes think about it, life is too short, there is no time to be upset, sad, the world is not lack of beauty, but the lack of eyes and heart to find beauty.2, hard face, excessive demand for their own people sometimes make a mistake, is to escape from reality, in fact, most of these people themselves starting point is not bad, is hard face, and finally their own way more narrow.I used to have a colleague named Zhang Hui, who is actually very good and capable.But there is a biggest problem, is not to accept setbacks.The leader once gave him a thorny problem. In fact, the leader knew in his heart that 50% of the problem could be delivered on time as long as there was no big trouble.He assured his leaders that 80% delivery was the foundation and that he would do his best to deliver 100%.As a result, after a month and a half of the assault, the final mission is already overfulfilled, the final delivery of about 65%.But after all, he made a military warrant in front of the leader, so at the meeting, the leader said jokingly: “This task is very good, the customer is very satisfied.But xiaozhang still have to work hard, the distance you say 80% is still some distance, continue to work hard!”In fact, the words can be heard by clear-eyed people, the leadership here is encouraging him, but he was unable to hold on to the face of the general administration, and even saw the leadership hide away.How could such an employee be liked by the leader? There were some core projects to be assigned to him, but his performance really disappointed the leader.Naturally, the opportunity fell to our team. At the end of the year, due to the good completion of the project, the whole team was given two more months ‘bonus, and our team leader was even promoted to the head of the RESEARCH and development Department, with the number of staff expanded to 15.In life, many opportunities are to rely on their own to fight for, and the so-called face more to rely on their own to fight for.In life, it is a learned thing to get along with others. Each of us is an independent individual, and it is not easy to stand out in the group.So some people go to the other extreme, wronged themselves and pleasing others.Sometimes even in order to cater to others, even if they do not want to, but also to swallow, all the grievances let themselves bear.In fact, this person may appear to be gregarious, but in fact he is not popular.Because people like this kind of pleasing personality, they not only lack of correct self-cognition, and even always like to put their personal happiness on the evaluation of others, will not consider whether the evaluation of others is objective and reasonable.Whether a person’s life is bitter or sweet is really not decided by the so-called fate, but whether we have independent personality, so that they have been living in the world of others, how could this kind of people be happy?If you want to know more, follow me