New Year greetings send blessings warm hearted care

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Jiangjin Rong media news (reporter Liao Yang wang Qian Chen Ting Liao Qiuping Diao New for He Yu Yang Andy intern reporter Liang Yuwei correspondent Pang Tao Liao Qin Liu Changqing Zhou Guohua Zhao Fei Wu Wen Gao Ma LAN Song Shan Zhu Hongyu Liu Yuedan Jing Yuan) Spring Festival is coming, the old cold feeling warm.In recent days, the departments and units in towns and streets of the district have carried out a series of visits and condolence activities during the Spring Festival, to send the care of the Party and the government to the hearts of the people, so that they can have a warm and peaceful Spring Festival.Recently, the “four To the countryside” activities of law, science and technology, culture and health sent by Jiangjin District Committee of China Civil Construction Association in 2022 entered Shizhen Town, bringing warmth and benefits to the local people.”Ruixue spread the road to prosperity, spring breeze blowing happiness flowers”……On the same day, the Spring Festival couplet gift activity was loved by the masses. Under the calligrapher’s strokes and splashes of ink, the Spring Festival couplets written on both sides were hung all over the town, becoming a beautiful scenery line.At the same time, the site also carried out agricultural science and technology knowledge on-site guidance, health free consultation, science popularization and legal publicity activities, the rich benefit of the people’s activities warm the hearts of the masses, the broad masses of praise.Recently, the District Development and Reform Commission rural revitalization Support Group visited Maowan Village and Fude Village of Caijia Town to carry out the Spring Festival condolence activities.During the activity, the member units of the Help Group took the form of centralized visits and separate visits to 39 families in need, such as rice, flour, oil and other gifts to send deep care for them, to extend the New Year’s blessing.A total of 10,000 masks were also donated to Maowan and Fude villages.Area veterans care association has came to Sue fell, volunteers group Tan Gongliang, lau ching-wan three Korean veterans and life difficult three veterans home, winter jasmine sympathy veteran activities, for their contribution to the defence of the motherland sincerely respect, and to the edible oil, quilts, heaters and other caffeine arts and New Year wishes.On January 28, members of the party branch of the district relief and management Station were divided into four groups to liulin Community, Dingshan street, to carry out the activity of “I do practical things for the masses – sympathy for the needy people”.During the condolence activities, party members understood in detail the needs of the people in need and listened to their opinions and aspirations.At the same time, cooking oil, rice, milk and other condolence items were sent to 15 special families of impoverished people and impoverished Party members.In recent days, several jiang streets to carry out the Spring Festival visit series of activities.Fifteen consolation groups led by the group members went deep into each village, and sent rice, cooking oil, milk and other consolation goods worth more than 120,000 yuan to 553 families living under subsistence allowance, families suffering from serious diseases, the masses of difficult Party members, and the objects of difficult united Front, and sent them New Year’s greetings and blessings.January 29, Dingshan street to carry out 2022 “winter warm heart” concentrated condolation activities, led by the team members to contact the community, nursing homes and other places to carry out condolation, go all out to solve a number of “firewood, rice, oil and salt” issues concerning the vital interests of the masses, the thick warmth to the people’s hearts.This activity visited more than 740 people, such as some veteran party members, impoverished party members and households out of poverty.A few days ago, by baisha town party and government leadership, village community party organization secretary and volunteers to visit the year-end condolence group, visited the area of the veteran comrades, veteran party members and the masses in need of more than 300, for them to send gifts, condolence money and New Year wishes.Recently, Shizhen Town jointly with Jiangjin District Private Economic Association Shizhen Branch, Shizhen Town Chamber of Commerce to carry out “Welcome the Spring Festival to send warmth, show love to gather people” condolence activities.During the activity, the consolation group sent rice, milk, edible oil and other consolation goods to 26 people who were trapped or disabled by illness, and urged them to take good care of themselves, encourage them to face life with a positive and optimistic attitude, so that they can truly feel the love and warmth from all walks of life.In the early morning of January 27, members of the Xihu Town New Era Civilization volunteer service team went to the town center nursing home, bringing rice, cooking oil, milk, Spring Festival couplets and other gifts, so that the elderly here have a happy and peaceful “warm heart year”.During the activity, volunteers also brought a vivid lecture on the health dream of “You are healthy, WE serve” to the elderly, and carried out epidemic prevention and control drills.On January 26, the town of Simianshan carried out a New Year’s visit to the impoverished veteran Party members, retired village cadres and the poor people in the area, caring about their physical condition, family situation, production and living conditions, chatting with them, remembering the past, talking about development, and sending them gifts and New Year’s greetings.Recently, Berlin town launched the activity of “Welcome the Spring Festival · Send Spring Festival couplets”, and volunteered to write Spring Festival couplets for the villagers to send them good wishes for the New Year.At the event, calligraphy enthusiasts spread out red paper, dipped in ink, and wrote auspicious, festive and peaceful Spring Festival couplets, while volunteers helped press paper, distribute Spring Festival couplets, and fold and bag them.The villagers were given more than 100 pairs of Spring Festival couplets for free.