The pennant is soft!Putuo this service why so “reliable”?

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After the New Year, putuo district talent service center will have received from raza, modest two companies sent pennants, thank district people club department staff to help people in a short time to complete the residency is dealt with, “don’t think so smoothly process, you deliver services to our hearts, is’ people on to secure the best interpretation of!”Thumb up get enterprise is business district talent service center of talent policy “door to door” service, a few days ago, area to implement the spirit of the 11th party congress, carry forward the “spectrum (at), completed the (tuo)” style, area people club bureau deepen the connotation of the “one on one”, among them, the area of talent service center tries to build up a “new kind, (at) if only one keeps the” service brand,To provide more warm talent services, help Putuo to build a new highland of talent development from afar.At present, the talent service center provides efficient services for key enterprises in the district and successfully solves problems such as talent settlement, which not only helps enterprises retain talents, but also strengthens the determination of enterprises to stay in Putuo.Just after the New Year’s day this year, the district talent Service Center received a banner and a thank-you letter from Mr. Luo of Lazas Network Technology (Shanghai) Co., LTD. He said, “Thanks to the staff to help me successfully complete the hukou formalities in just one month, avoiding 20% default loss of the house payment.”At the end of November 2021, the staff of the district Human Resources Service Center found that an additional information was attached to one of the application materials when they pre-examined the application materials for lazas’ hukou for talent introduction online.Staff promptly communicate with raza company personnel department, the original applicant Mr Luo recent need to buy a house, for family reasons specified in the previous’s agreement to buy a house, such as Shanghai hukou cannot be obtained before the end of December 2021, Mr Luo extra pay penalty due to breach of contract of 20% of the total house money, so he was very anxious, want area talent service center to help the urgent processing.Informed of this situation, the district talent service center staff immediately arranged “talent butler” docking guidance.In order to avoid repeated in the course of application submitted materials, and so on and so forth, the business department to carry out the collective consultation and analyses relevant filing materials in advance, to guide the Mr Luo how to collect and submit all kinds of archives material according to the time node, since eventually settled in the application materials submitted online without any return processing, etc., within a month will complete the examination and approval of the public,Mr. Luo obtained the Shanghai hukou, to avoid the loss of default when buying a house.Recently, Mr. Liu, the founder of Shanghai Qian Ma Network Technology Co., LTD., also sent a banner to thank the talent service center for its “efficient and intimate” quality service during the company’s talent introduction and settlement.Shanghai modest tamar network technology co., LTD., founder of the talent service center to the area to pennants, area talent service center in the visiting research learned that Shanghai modest m network technology co., LTD. Is a company registered in the putuo district of high-tech enterprises, company founder Mr. Liu have a need to apply for a permanent residence in the city, but the company policy on talents in don’t know much,I am also not familiar with the operation of the platform, which leads to the delay in applying for my hukou.Combined with this situation, the district talent service center took the initiative to step forward, quickly arranged “talent housekeeper” docking, set up “business experts” team, in-depth inquiry enterprise needs, provide personalized solutions.As the “service specialist”, the head of the relevant business departments of the Center will provide whole-process assistance services, focusing on “what policies to refer to, what materials to prepare, how to apply on the platform of” One-Stop “……?”And other aspects of guidance, carefully explain the policy, online operation, declaration process and other content.Under the guidance of Mr. Liu, his application for settling down in Putuo was successfully approved in December last year. He said that the services provided by the district talent Service Center made him feel the “reliable” business development environment in Putuo, and the enterprise was more confident to take root in Putuo.”Online office, immediately, the door handle, a run”, help enterprise to attract relevant controller introduces, of service center of talent retention area since last year, the district talent service center and thorough going efforts to promote the implementation of talent “online office” business “in the” “to do” “do”, “online office” based on a “do” free net phone platform to run less talent;”Do it immediately” reduces the period, improves the quality and efficiency. At present, the preliminary examination of talent introduction and residence transfer has been reduced to 5 working days;”Door-to-door do” for enterprises “tailored” on-site acceptance, the whole process to help, to solve the talent policy “see but do not understand” the problem;”One operation” to strengthen the construction of comprehensive window, strengthen business training, break through internal barriers, to achieve “one acceptance, one station”.District department of human resources and social security to do their own “addition”, adhere to the demand-oriented, precise service to the heart of enterprises and talents.Recently, jingdong Zhilian information technology company located in the World software Park has just been approved by the review of high-tech enterprises, enterprise employees on how to apply to enjoy the high-tech enterprise talent settlement policy is more concerned.Area talent service center will “do” door to door service into the park, to develop “talent policy send door to door” service, for the jingdong at information technology company, clouds win marketing network technology co., the first information technology companies, such as giant reading culture media companies provide face to face to preach, attract enterprise personnel department and the relevant employee involvement.Policy center service commissioner, “we elaborate design courseware, focus on high-tech enterprise talent introduction policy to attract talent’s bid to host the clause, ju ZhuanHu and overseas policy content and so on, through about interpretation and solving puzzles, suit the needs of enterprises, help enterprise talent know, know, enjoy the policy in time, help enterprises to attract, retention, get together.”Area talent service center into the campus to carry out the policy of “talent to send door to door” service in the future, area talent service center will be adhering to the “new ˙ intimate, only if only one keeps the color (at)” service concept, with “butler q + expert diagnosis, pushed the door handle + salon” series of service measures, such as being a good talent intimate “the bartender,” continued to putuo steaming “big pot” add “to” fire.Just as a person in charge of the District Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security said, “The human resources and social security departments should not only serve as the ‘gatekeeper’ for ensuring and improving people’s livelihood, but also serve as the ‘booster’ for serving economic development. We should work hard to further optimize the business environment, so that the ‘reliable people are safe’ can be more powerful, precise and effective.”