The 31-year-old rapper Has died of depression. When will online violence stop?

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Rapper An Da Soul, 31, died of depression on Feb 3, 2022. When will online violence end?Ann Da Soul, why such a bold rapper will suffer from depression, how things happened in the end, maybe she is engaged in the entertainment industry to guess the beginning of their own fame, but did not guess their sad end.She had tried very hard to embrace the world, but met a group of people’s abusive words, let her back.Ann Dashun was born in 1990 and participated in the recording of “The Rap of China” in 2017. In the program, Ann Dashun’s free and easy personality attracted the attention and love of many fans. Her unrestrained personality and smiling face showed the most true side of themselves to the audience.She said on the show that she was a singer, that she was a busker.The ordinary and down-to-earth self-introduction made everyone interested in this plain-looking female singer.Through this variety show, she became more and more famous, with more and more fans and many opportunities to participate in activities. Some black fans began to pay attention to her and even maliciously slander her.They say when you have a bunch of black fans looking for a reason to attack you, you’ve succeeded.If not many fans follow you, it’s probably because you’re not famous enough to be judged.Afterwards Ann spirit big thumb up a net friend for a rapper, a lot of people are crazy, began to a verbal attack on her, she was afraid that this is the first time since her debut facing large-scale network attack, maybe her thumb up a comment only when a person to look at themselves, like thumb up,But she didn’t realize that her current influence might cause many black fans to start using it as an excuse to attack her.Because of the “like”, she felt the unprecedented power and pressure of Internet violence, and then she deleted all her personal information without hesitation. As a female singer born in the 1990s, she did not have such a strong psychology, so she was afraid and retreated and made a compromise.Though the network events with big soul deleted dynamically, the result of the initiative to “surrender”, but left her inner trauma always beyond repair, she began to suspect that the purpose of his debut, she began to regret, she regretted that she became a celebrity, their movements are a lot of strange hostile eyes staring at her uncomfortable.Because no one was there to enlighten her, she started to get depressed, she started to get bored, and then she found herself depressed.Last August, An Soul posted a article, the title is “parents of hypocrisy”, she began to vent their dissatisfaction in the heart, she thinks parents of hypocrisy, is the origin of an adult life tragedy, a person will not be very sad, parents are very responsible.She said factors such as parents’ inadequate conception of fertility and children’s lack of voice contributed to a sad life.She grew up without a loving family, which often left her feeling lonely and helpless.She did not feel the support and help from her family when she was suffering from online violence, which may be the reason why she gradually suffered from depression.Ann Dashun once asked everyone, if tomorrow is the end of the world, do you have any words to say to me?She said she wanted to die happy.On January 1 this year, she posted that “a New Year is a new me” was a stupid statement. Time is a virtual unit.If you are interested, you can go to her microblog. She has posted many personal views. In fact, you can see that she is not very hopeful about life.Finally, a month later last night she still left this world, she can not hold on, she can not untie their heart knot, she still lost interest and hope to this world.If there is an afterlife, I hope those who died of depression can find a happy family, grow up happily, with a good heart and unswerving commitment.There are six main manifestations of depression, we can understand, if the people around you have such a situation may be the precursor of depression, if timely guidance, in fact, will not necessarily get depression.First, they lose interest in life and seem to have little interest in anything.Second, the body is easy to fatigue, low mood, often unhappy.Third, insomnia dreams, easy to sleep, which also leads to a bad mental state.Fourth, the reaction is slow, easy to be distracted, in fact, this is also related to lack of sleep.Fifth, do not like to communicate with others, unwilling to participate in social activities, began to like to be alone.Sixth, X is bad-tempered and likes to be angry, and often gets angry without any reason, which makes others confused.In fact, we all know that depression is mainly a psychological problem, if the heart to solve the problem, open point, in fact, there is nothing.Each of us live in the world have unhappy things, can not really like the Blessing of the Chinese New Year you can do everything smoothly, all the best.Everyone has trouble, everyone has grievances, everyone has pain, everyone may encounter injustice and malicious treatment.But what can we do?Be positive, take it in stride, be positive, always believe that the future will be better.Fill your heart with yearning and longing for the future, so that all the dark negative emotions can not affect your spirit, so that you can still face the smile when breaking through difficulties, firmly believe that the future will be better.After the storm see rainbow, over the mountains see plain.Optimistic psychology will keep depression away from you, so that you can smile often every day, optimistic every day, see the good in life, do not care too much about the pain in life, maybe we can live more peaceful and happy.