School season approaching xiangxi public security traffic police to carry out protective action

2022-07-10 0 By

Massachusetts moment xiangxi February 20 – (correspondent Zhang Jin) the season to keep the new semester began nursing AnYuan work, ensure the traffic safety during term time teachers and students, Suggestions for the public security bureau traffic police detachment attaches great importance to and actively to strengthen public security and state from the bureau, various counties city traffic police brigade joint logistics linkage, timely master the students back to school time,Formulate the plan of “school protection and Safety Park” for the new semester, carefully deploy and strictly implement, and escort students to return to school safely.Morning of February 20, various counties city traffic police brigade “protect XueGang” early in place, the on duty police began regulation on campus surrounding environment, to persuade investigate vehicles are driven not by the road, stop lying, riding a motorcycle, electric bicycle do not wear safety helmet, illegal installation umbrellas, such as traffic violations, and the comprehensive screening on the campus and the surrounding all kinds of potential safety hazard,Strictly implement prevention and control measures around the campus.At the school gate and campus surrounding, police on duty to dole out the traffic safety propaganda materials to students, parents, display panel, patience on road traffic safety knowledge, let the student in the school, parents learn more about driving, walking, need to know the traffic safety in the process of knowledge, effectively improve the traffic safety consciousness of students, parents and awareness.At the same time, in order to solve the traffic congestion during the peak hours of school and school, the police of “nursing post” to the school in front of the road and the surrounding road traffic flow relatively concentrated in advance control, timely diversion, do a good job in the scene of traffic order maintenance, timely to the traffic flow, the flow of people to guide the command, to ensure that there is no traffic congestion.When there are students to cross the road, “guard” police will come forward to signal traffic stop, escort students safely through the road and then release vehicles, to ensure the safety of students.At the beginning of the new semester, the public security traffic police will continue to deepen the “protection” mode, in the area of the primary and secondary school morning and evening peak time, arrange the police station “protection post”, carry out traffic safety “into the campus” publicity activities, for the majority of teachers and students to create a safe and orderly road traffic environment.