Xu Genbao birthday five national foot absent, Fan Zhiyi belatedly, Xu Genbao severely criticized him

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February 2 is the birthday of famous soccer player Xu Genbao, and his disciples will come from all over the world to celebrate his birthday, as is the tradition in previous years.Today is no exception, some regrettably, because the national football team is kicking the world preliminary match, so the Chinese team of 5 active national football disciples can not come to celebrate the birthday of the teacher.Wu Lei, Yan Junling, Zhang Linpeng, Wang Shenchao and Zhu Chenjie all started for China in the away game against Vietnam.This for Xu Genbao was originally a kind of glory, but because the national football team lost to Vietnam in disgrace, it also makes Xu Genbao’s heart is very bad.Lv Wenjun, CAI Huikang, Fu Huan, Zhou Junchen and other famous players have come to chongming base to congratulate their teacher on his birthday.Xu genbao told his disciples that he should have been happy on his birthday, but he didn’t sleep well last night and was in a bad mood after the national team lost.”Prophet” Fan Zhiyi is also Xu Genbao’s disciple, more than three o ‘clock this afternoon, Fan Zhiyi with his wife and daughter a family arrived late.As soon as he saw Fan Zhiyi, Xu Genbao severely criticized his disciple. Fan Zhiyi should not be a commentator and prophet, and General Fan should be a football doer.It was a heavy birthday for Xu Genbao. He kept telling his disciples that football should be played from a young age and that the money earned should be used to supplement the players instead of making money through youth training.I hope you can work hard together after retirement and be a down-to-earth worker of Chinese football.It is worth mentioning that although Xu Genbao is uncomfortable, his contribution to Chinese football is obvious to all. Almost every national team has his disciples.Last night’s world preliminary match, in the starting 11 lineup, there were 5 players who were trained by Xu Genbao, almost accounting for half of the National team.Liu Jianhong, a famous football media person, said in his personal video that there were 5 followers of Xu Genbao and 4 naturalized players in the game when The National football team lost to Vietnam. Besides Xu genbao and naturalized players, there were only 2 other players.What does this mean? In the past ten years, the Chinese Football Association, the local football association and all the big clubs put together, are not as great as a xu Genbao’s contribution to Chinese football. Are you ashamed?In the starting lineup for China against Vietnam, Xu genbao’s disciples are Wu Lei, Wang Shenchao, Zhu Chenjie, Zhang Linpeng and Yan Junling. The naturalized players are Luo Guofu, Alan, Dai Weijun and Jiang Guangtai. The other players are Xu Xin and Wu Xi.