The 10th sonata is not only big, but also full of performance and configuration

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What are we looking for when we buy a B-class car for around $200,000?If it is the price factor, then not considering the space, power, configuration, less than 150,000 A class car must have more advantages.If it is a face factor, the price of mainstream BBA has dropped to 200,000 yuan, although it means more meat power and smaller space.Obviously, most of us who buy 200k B-class cars are not doing it for the lower price and the so-called face.At an appropriate price range, they are pursuing better car quality.Today, let us pick a pick has been refreshed to the tenth generation of Korean B-class car — Beijing Hyundai sonata, to in-depth experience, see this has more than 30 years of history of the classic model development to today, in the end is still worth buying?The length of the car is 4 meters and the wheelbase is far beyond the B-class standard. The first thing Chinese people need to see when buying a car is the size of the body and the space inside the car, which is also the reason why so many global models have to specially lengthen the wheelbase after entering China.First from the perspective of body size, the most important index body length, most B-class car length is mainly concentrated in 4.9m, such as the new Accord 4908mm, Camry 4885mm, and the tenth generation of Sonata directly reached 4955mm, so sonata still has an absolute advantage in body length;In terms of body width, the 10th Sonata is 1860mm, almost the size of a tall man;In terms of height, the 10th Sonata is 1445mm, which is a bit of a disadvantage, but considering the tenth Sonata’s lower body, this height doesn’t affect the interior space too much.In terms of interior space, in terms of wheelbase space, wheelbase more than 2800mm is defined as B-class cars. Then, thanks to the advantages of car length, the tenth generation Sonata does not waste a centimeter in design, creating a wheelbase of 2890mm, and opening the distance in the face of b-class cars with an average of 2830mm.In addition, in terms of ride experience, a man of normal height of 1.75 inches, for example, sitting in the front seat driving position, there will probably be more than a fist up space;The rear passenger head room is affected by the hatchback, but there is room for a punch up the head, while the rear seat has arguably the best legroom of any B-class car, even allowing you to cross your legs in the back.Generally speaking, in order to ensure sales, most models will apply at least two sets of different power combinations in a car, the 10th generation sonata is certainly no exception.First sonata application in low and medium with version 1.5 T + seven-speed dual clutch power combination, because of the application of the modern car advocate CVVD technology, so in section oily performance outstanding, official data hundred km 5.6 L of fuel consumption, and we are through the measured, even in a crowded urban traffic, but also more than six oil, at the same time driving experience is also relatively smooth.And the high power 2.0t +8AT version, the performance is extremely excellent, the maximum power of 176.5KW and the maximum torque of 353N· can be compared with some professional performance cars;8 AT the gearbox is also one of the highlight of the sonata, after all, the domestic cars compared with joint venture car gearbox, the joint venture AT hand from a body of technology is very competitive, but now many of the joint venture brands for cost saving consideration, has rarely used AT transmission in the parity models, even if the camry in the high-end models applied to 8 AT,But the price has also been raised to AT least $219,800, so a top-of-the-line 10th Sonata with an AT transmission is still a bargain in the $200,000-plus range.Enjoy the driving experience brought by convenient technology When buying a car, we often encounter such a choice question: space, power, price are similar, so how to choose a car?If you know a little about cars, you know that looking for details and configuration may be a small function, but it can benefit you a lot in daily use.First of all, in the current automobile market, all brands are making a big fanfare to engage in intelligence, so intelligent assisted driving and vehicle-machine system based on intelligence has become an essential magic weapon to win.In this respect, based on the technical reserves of modern cars, the tenth sonata has applied 23 items of intelligent driving assistance system alone, reaching L2+ level of intelligent driving. In specific use, such as blind zone safety, highway cruise driving and other functions are available.The two 12.3-foot screens that connect to each other are also absolutely mainstream.At the same time, in many details on the body, the configuration and design of the 10th generation Sonata is also very technological. For example, the hidden gradient LED daylights on the front hood look like chrome decoration when the lights are off, and the gradient end is connected with the chrome trim on the body.When lit, the upper and lower show different brightness, soft and natural, and the use of laser cutting technology, can reflect and glow at the same time.In addition, the car’s 64 color dazzlingly colorful atmosphere lamp is also the tenth generation of sonata a big point of view, whether it is color richness or texture are far more than the late installation of auto parts city style atmosphere lamp.To sum up, the 10th generation Sonata, as a model with historical heritage, has the endorsement of 9 million sales of Sonata models over 30 years at the brand level.In terms of products, it has a large space far beyond the B-class standard, two different powertrains featuring fuel saving and high performance, and the configuration of the whole vehicle full of scientific and technological texture, which makes it an excellent model with high quality and price ratio for consumers.So, if it is the pursuit of car quality consumers want to ask whether this car is worth buying, the answer is clearly “yes”.