Swap owners?Fearing westbrook will be given up by the Lakers, the Rockets’ strongest leg will help James

2022-07-08 0 By

With the NBA trade deadline approaching, the market is in full swing.The trade in recent days also caused shock in the league, many teams chose to trade key players choose to rebuild, Kings trade hield, Pacers trade Sabenis, Blazers trade CJ and so on, everyone is not satisfied with the current situation.Just today, a reliable source said the Lakers were so unhappy with westbrook that they benched him in the final seconds of the game, and westbrook’s form is one of his worst in years.But the addition of point guard is a must for the Lakers, who are reportedly interested in trading Westbrook to Houston for Wall Wall alone.If this deal can close after the whistle, it will be a win-win situation.Wall is currently serving as a mentor to young Rockets draymond Green and Porter jr., but he has been working out to keep himself in shape after making 26 straight 3-pointers.He would be a better fit for the lakers than Westbrook, who has built his place in the league with his deft penetration and soft touch.His style is very similar to Kyrie’s and he should work well with James.And Westbrook is back to the Rockets, as the youth team’s big brother, Westbrook can unleash his versatility.After leaving the Thunder, Westbrook’s career is more bumpy, the Rockets, wizards, lakers, Westbrook has been to several teams, also did not complete his dream of hitting the championship, and he came to James is also for a championship ring.Once he is traded, westbrook may be further away from a championship.Some warriors are meant to be sad!What do you guys think about this deal?Feel free to comment and see if westbrook’s return to the rockets can happen before the trade deadline.