Listen to the two sessions | Yingzhou District youth hot discussions two sessions, free to enjoy the aspirations!

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From January 23 to 26, the first session of the sixth Fuyang People’s Congress was successfully held.January 25th afternoon, the sixth Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference fuyang City Committee of the first meeting successfully completed the agenda, in the Fuyang Grand Theater successfully closed.Young representatives of Yingzhou district pay close attention to the two sessions, talk about new ideas, new goals, new expectations, new vision, new blueprint, new future.Li Keyi, deputy secretary of the Youth League District Committee, welcomed the party’s 20th National Congress and accelerated the construction of a modern and beautiful Fuyang at the critical moment. The first meeting of the sixth National People’s Congress and the first meeting of the sixth National People’s Political Consultative Conference of the city solemnly opened, and the cadres and the masses of the city rejoiced.People watch the “TWO sessions” through newspapers, TV and mobile phone apps to learn the spirit of the “two sessions”.As a grass-roots cadres, I will be in daily work and study conscientiously implement the spirit of “two sessions”, being a good communicator, practitioners and strivers, focusing on the communist youth league, main responsibility is mainly around the young thoughts, distress sorrow look forward to, take a more practical and feasible measures leading the youth, youth, youth service, make the communist youth league party contact youth of bridge and the link.Gong Lina, vice president of Fuyang Branch of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, member of The Youth Federation of Yingzhou City, reported on the first meeting of the sixth Fuyang Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC).The report reviewed the work of the Municipal CPPCC over the past five years in a concise and pragmatic manner, with numerous highlights, showing that the CPPCC has always adhered to the central task, served the overall situation, concentrated efforts, performed their duties,Reflected the CPPCC team led the majority of CPPCC members to give full play to the role of consultation, vigorously expand democratic supervision, committed to improving people’s well-being, and actively boost the development of Fuyang, a lot of work and positive results.Planning for the work of the CPPCC over the next five years has a high standing, precise direction, clear goals, new ideas, active forms, and solid oversight, which has strong cohesion and appeal.QingLianJie as part of a CPPCC member, I will be based on their own work, scientific and perform their duties, actively make recommendations, facing the new situation, new tasks and new requirements, responsible for new mission, find a new target, show as, improve the financial service ability, yong when fuyang enabler, practitioners of economic and social development, the devotees.Ma Tao, representative of entrepreneurial youth, member of Yingzhou City Youth Federation and general manager of Fuyang Wanlian Agriculture Co., LTD., gave a concise and clear report on the work of the government, which made me feel fuyang’s determination to optimize the business environment in the past five years, the intention of formulating development measures, and the original intention of working for the people.As a newly elected deputy to the National People’s Congress, I feel very proud. In the next five years, I will base myself on my post, perform my duties according to law, actively develop modern agriculture, help rural revitalization, and contribute to the construction of a modern and beautiful Fuyang!Zhang Yongwei, president of Yingzhou Youth Volunteers Association, delivered an objective and inspiring report on the work of the government, which reviewed fuyang’s rapid changes over the past five years.We made solid progress in economic development, poverty alleviation, urban development, regional cooperation, reform and innovation, and social and livelihood programs, and achieved encouraging results.Fuyang in the next five years of economic and social development, ecological environment, people’s life, social governance and so on have a grand plan.The report is grounded, obedient to public opinion and beneficial to the people.As a volunteer, I will strengthen my own construction, build up a sense of service, and be loyal to the people.As the president of Yingzhou District Youth Volunteers Association, I will give full play to the leading role of young volunteers, contribute to the construction and development of a better Fuyang, brave to bear, live up to the mission.Zhou Yu, secretary of the Youth League Committee of Sanshipu Town, Yingzhou District, carefully studied the first government work report of the Sixth National People’s Congress of Fuyang city. The report was full of details, the summary of the past work data was real and inspiring, the analysis of the difficulties faced was not covered, accurate and in place, and the prospect of future goals combined with reality, attracting people.As a grass-roots cadre of the Youth League, I will keep in mind my original mission, integrate my personal direction into the development goals of the city, unite and lead the youth league members in the area, with a sense of urgency that time does not allow me to continue to strengthen my study, and devote my best light and heat to their ordinary posts.Fuyang Sixth Middle School Youth League committee secretary Li Jianjun Fuyang sixth National People’s Congress first government work report urges people to progress, inspiring.It not only summarizes the work review of fuyang city in the past five years and 2021, but also puts forward the main tasks for the next five years and the work arrangement in 2022, as well as strengthening the government’s own construction.”After-school delay services will be fully implemented to improve the quality of after-school education services and solve parents’ worries.”As an educator, I will continue to adhere to the moral education, down-to-earth teaching, conscientious work, so that every student has a chance to excel in life!As a teacher, I will conscientiously study and implement the spirit of the meeting, continue to abide by the oath, based on their own work, do not forget the original heart to carry out the mission, moral tree cast teacher soul, keep pace with The Times to practice skills, for the school’s education industry development contribution!”Confident life 200 years, will be when water hit three thousand li.”Standing at the intersection of the two centenary histories, we are born at the right time. We should be brave pioneers, pioneers and devotees in the forefront of The Times, create achievements in overcoming difficulties, and create a new era for us with our youth and sweat.In the future teaching work, I will be based on my own post, love students, tireless in teaching, make achievements, and contribute my youth strength on the way of teaching and educating people!Fuyang city liu chow elementary school brigade counselor Li Tongtong fuyang city in the sixth CPPCC committee meeting on the work report for the first time, the city CPPCC standing committee to review the work of the past five years, around the center, the service general situation, don’t forget the beginner’s mind, unity, democracy, to boost fuyang high quality development, fruitful and inspiring.And pointed out that the next five years, is the city to speed up the development of the key period, based on the “two overall situation”, cherish “the country”, let me double the sense of responsibility and mission.As a counselor of Shaoxian Brigade, I will continue to study, think carefully, integrate the spirit of the meeting, combine my own work position, give full play to my advantages, effectively implement, cultivate a good successor of the socialist cause for the motherland, but also contribute to the high-quality development of Fuyang, their youth power.Strong and vigorous, he has committed himself to the work.The youth of Yingzhou district will thoroughly implement the spirit of “two sessions”, constantly improve their work requirements, and strive to submit a satisfactory answer paper with their youth and sweat!Source: Yingzhou Youth