“I am on my post” Jiuquan Public Security Bureau: Protecting the safety of “closing” and “breaking”

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Years of quiet good is someone for you to carry the burden of peace and peace is someone for you to stick to the year of Yin tiger Spring Festival Jiuquan public security for you to hold up a steady sense of happiness for you to bring you a warm sense of security for you to send full sense of the heart to the party, escort the new journey this peace, very public security!‍ their happiness is your most strong ‍ for comprehensive security work during the Spring Festival, efforts to create a safe and peaceful festive atmosphere for the masses of the people, jiuquan public security closely around the “five fight, three guarantees” work objectives, adhere to rationalize with police, to establish a permanent basis on duty 24 hours a day, moving BeiQin three-dimensional prevention and control system for the standard,Around the train station, bus station, such as crowded places, according to the dot, line, face every day the police, the armed police to carry out normal patrol, strengthen the security patrol density and, see alarm rate, and improve the rate of car, the charge rate, quick response to emergencies do, rapid, efficient disposal, present deter all kinds of illegal crime molecules to the greatest extent, to highlight the dominant use police,We will forcefully reduce the space for crimes, protect the safety of the people, and safeguard social stability and the safety of the jurisdiction.They are your most dependable security in accordance with the “police followed follow industry, service demand” work principle, jiuquan public security comprehensive strengthening prevention and control of social service during the holiday, combining street patrol and emergency BeiQin, plan as a whole to carry out the key areas designated on duty, tuen p street in BeiQin rapid response mechanisms such as work,Strengthen the prevention and control of farmers’ markets, main streets and floating vendors in the area, and strengthen the prevention and control of night patrol and fire prevention and inspection of the vulnerable areas around hotels, restaurants, rental houses and other places in the area, so as to effectively maintain the public security of the area and better serve the people.They get you the most warm heart feeling for the effective prevention of road traffic accident, jiuquan public security comprehensive control to strengthen the road traffic order, using the fixed point on duty patrol flow and the way of combining scrutiny introduce the overcrowding, speeding, overloading, vans and agricultural vehicles illegally manned, drunk driving and drunk driving, no brand on the road, driving without a license key traffic violations, such as keep via high pressure situation,Prevent and reduce road traffic accidents from the source.Producer | | Duan Xiaoping final audit | pittenger mf, chung edit | Ma Jiacong released | jiuquan city public security bureau media center