Experts suggest raising pensions for rural elderly after poor lifestyle causes brain infarction in 20-year-old man

2022-07-08 0 By

Everyone gets old, and the point is that young people are getting old before they get old.The reality is that it is easier to raise rural pensions than to change the bad habits of the young.1. Experts like to do the easy stuff, and they like to do the dirty stuff.Experts don’t like to tell young people to stay up less and exercise more when you’re young. Life is a choice between the pain of disease or the pain of exercise.2. I don’t know what the experts’ advice is for, but I do know what the young people’s unhealthy lifestyle is for.Always feel young is the capital, do not spend the waste, you product, you fine.Everyone gets sick, but the degree of symptoms is different. Those who exercise have mild symptoms and are not dependent on drugs and hospitals. Those who do not exercise will contribute to China’s medical cause.4. If you are not a doctor, you will not talk about professional matters. If you are willing to do something you know is wrong, it is either stupid or bad.Pay attention to Y Charle, a workplace ferryman who understands you, is willing to pay attention to forwarding friends can have a healthy and happy life.