Across thousands of miles, sister-in-law and husband border reunion

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This is the distance from Dangshan County in Anhui Province to Shatekirgiz Township in Zhaosu County of Ili Kazak Autonomous Prefecture.Bao Huitong took a train for more than 50 hours to reach Yining city, then took a bus to Zhaosu County, and took a medium bus for more than 5 hours to reach The Village of Chatekirgiz.At noon on January 31, she finally met her husband, Shan Yikai, who had not been seen for eight months. He was the stationmaster of a border police station in Xiate Border Police Station of Zhaosu Border Management Brigade of Yili Border Management Detachment of Xinjiang Entry-Exit Border Inspection Station.Shan yikai has worked here for 15 years.Since their marriage in 2018, he and his wife have spent more time apart than together.This Spring Festival, his wife Huitong Bao learned that her husband would not be able to return home, so she decided to reunite with her husband at his work place.Seeing her husband standing at the gate of the police station, Hui Bao immediately turned red and said, “You can’t go home, so I come to find you. Where you are, there is a home…”Put down the luggage, Bao Hui tong can’t wait for her husband to take her to the periphery.Although the sun was shining brightly, the wind was still brisk under the snowy mountains.The weather of minus 20 degrees Celsius, soon Hui Bao’s face was red with cold.She saw her husband’s colleague, who had just returned from patrol, his eyelashes covered with thick frost.Bao Hui tong knows that this is her husband’s normal work.”At that moment, I was more distressed than angry at his frequent absences and neglect of the children,” she said.Back at the police station, Huitong bao offered to cook a New Year’s Eve dinner for everyone.Washing vegetables, cutting meat, cooking…The couple got busy.In a short time, plates of delicious food were on the table.Early in the morning of February 1, Shan Yikai, the police station chief, still stuck to his post.Seeing her husband riding a horse to patrol, Hui Bao’s eyes turned red again. She prepared lunch in the kitchen seriously.Bao Hui said, “Before I came here, I didn’t have a direct feeling about my husband’s work. I came here to take a look, and I realized that my husband works so hard, but he is very proud of himself. He is a defender of the motherland’s border.”On February 4, Hui Bao will return to her hometown. She said, “I have to make more meals for him and walk the roads he patrolls.”(Source: Xinjiang Daily)