Junwu “Return to the Empire” special program, Jin Canrong dialogue planning to talk about ancestral survival strategy

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Beauty from the sky on March 30, all free mobile game real-time strategy “to return to the empire” named the army of wu stronghold special television empire strategy bureau, the issue of the special invitation to jin canrong, a professor at the university of the Chinese people and army wu editor Yang Shu and game designer huang to return to the empire, three on military strategy has its own understanding of the guest,There was a heated discussion on the topic of “Chinese war wisdom is a flexible strategy”.Professor Jin Canrong took the xiongnu and Turkic peoples as the measure: The Han Dynasty defeated the huge Xiongnu empire, while the remnants of the Huns went west to Europe and defeated the European countries at that time;The Tang Dynasty destroyed the eastern and western Turks, and the remnants of them ran amok in Arabia. It can be seen that the Chinese nation had the highest military power in ancient times.War is a man’s war, in the era of cold weapons general command in a war can play a great role.When it comes to the command of generals in the War between the East and the West, Both Professor Jin Canrong and Yang Shu believe that Chinese generals played a more important role in recruiting, training, post-production, strategy and command. They relied on very strict organization to win the war, which is why all dynasties and dynasties had famous generals.After discussing ancient China’s “highest value of force” and “living strategy”, Professor Jin changed his point of view and put forward the view that “Chinese people are good at war but cautious in war, and cautious in war but not afraid of war”.Say first in war, professor jin canrong from qin and han dynasties, sui and tang dynasties in ancient China, and many other dynasty strength analysis, thought the dynasty has the ability to external expansion, foreign war is a great success, but are cautious use of force, pay attention to “the enemy without combat”, he also mentioned the now in our country’s foreign policy is also peaceful coexistence, seek win-win situation,”Prudent war” is the first feature of China’s war wisdom.When it comes to “good war”, apart from the “high force value” mentioned at the beginning, Professor Jin Canrong believes that the highest wisdom of The Chinese people in war is to use strategies flexibly. Chinese people are good at winning by tactical tactics.Chinese people’s pursuit and study of strategy can be seen from the early works on the art of War, such as Sun Zi’s Art of War and Six Tao Wu Lue, to the later works on thirty-six Plans. This is why the Chinese people often say, “Plan before action”, because the long-term cultural influence makes Chinese people more recognize the importance of strategy.It is also a strategy game can endure for a long time in China, with the army force special cooperation strategy game “to return to the empire” also gave his way, not only to abandon the traditional shop, walk, fixed route march pseudo real-time system, through free marching, the innovation of the real terrain and stereo city defense is set to expand the player’s game space.When a strategy game players can operate more space, can achieve more tactics, can unite with horizontal, weak to defeat the strong, around the point of assistance, etc., the success of tactics will give players a great positive feedback, and then develop more tactical strategies, which is the main “live strategy” core gameplay of this game.Would definitely, the ancient city of the offensive and directing art show, several teachers talked about “go seon-ji outsmarted his little cuny law” campaign, when tang go seon-ji led tens of thousands of troops marching for months, single journey over thousands of kilometers surprise small law, a very short time then pacify small law, small cuny law also become high mobility to win the war of typical cases.Then several teachers and talked the ancient city of offensive, when talking about ancient siege equipment, military force, editor Yang Shu talking about age mangonel was siege of absolute dominance, range far, large power, for the defender has a natural psychological deterrent, but the defender also has its own defense, according to the risks earlier and keep it, the city can also decorate themselves to fight back,It can be called “living strategy” of defense.”Live strategy” is also the core selling point of Return to the Empire, around which the producers use details, gameplay innovations, and real-life combat documentation to make players feel like they are there.It refers to the characteristics of attack and defense of the ancient city for innovation and breakthrough, referring to the real layout of the ancient city, adding four gates that can be attacked or defended, large siege equipment and street fighting after breaking the city, enhancing the game fun of the players in the battle of the city.The “life” of Return to the Empire is a kind of “intuition” generated by the player’s instinct, and what it does is completely build out what the player understands, imagines, and feels intuitive.Like professor jin canrong said, China’s ancient war is a war, war, have the use of strategy, tactics, logistics, and now the command aspects of playing again and again to the final victory, “to return to the empire” have done is to present the process to the game, let the military thoughts emerge in the game,Make the player feel that this is how ancient wars should be fought, and the strategy will come alive.Return to the Empire has been released on March 29th. Download it now and enjoy the fun of real-time strategy!