Jiaoguang Reception room | a 50-year-old foreman bites the “hard bones” by losing 6 jin a week

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At 5 o ‘clock in the morning of February 10th, Qi Gang, the foreman of the second working area of the High-speed railway workshop Hajia network protection in Jiamusi Real Estate section, got up early and rushed to work to prepare the tools and materials needed for the operation. Although it was not yet dawn, he and his workmates had already set foot on the journey, which was the norm of his work for more than 20 years.Qi gang, 50, has been a foreman for more than 20 years. His workshop is responsible for heating, maintenance and maintenance of six greenhouses in four high-speed railway stations between Jiamusi and Hongkeli, covering an area of nearly 100,000 square meters.The workload is large, but the staff is very tense, Qigang’s work area took the initiative to undertake the maintenance and troubleshooting of 6 greenhouses, compared with the previous workload increased nearly twice.Affected by the epidemic, responsible for the manufacturer of boiler water softening system maintenance personnel can’t regularly to kiamusze for system maintenance, if the soft water system can not get timely maintenance, increase in the number of circulating water impurities inside the boiler, heating and circulation to form scale for a long period of time, and scale formation in heating tube and pipe, pipe blocking and corrosion, serious when will lead to broken pipe and valve and so on,Bring hidden danger to heating safety.And the formation of scale also greatly affects the heating effect.If the water softener system in the six boiler rooms of the high-speed railway workshop cannot be maintained in time, it is bound to affect the production heating of the units under the jurisdiction of the workshop.Because jia Fang has no professional water purification personnel, boiler water purification work at a loss.Qi Gang took the initiative to assume this responsibility. He carefully observed the water softening system of each boiler, determined the system model, understood the circulation route, and took the initiative to contact the manufacturer to ask for the system operation manual, and began to study the working principle of the water softening system.Because there is no basis for water treatment technology, it is very laborious to learn, the manual read again and again, but although the working principle and operation method on the manual are understood, the actual operation is another matter.How to operate electric control equipment accurately?How to backwash, salt absorption, slow rinse?How to judge water quality standards?A series of difficult problems really added to his annoyance.Qi Gang uses mobile phones and computers to search for teaching videos, humbly consults experts from manufacturers, remotely assists in operation, and debuts the soft water system. Every time he finds a problem, he turns over the videos again, calls technical personnel from manufacturers again and again for advice. Relying on thick skin and soft grinding, after a week of day and night learning and repeated debugging,He finally mastered the correct operation of soft water system and soft water test method, so that the boiler room soft water system maintenance problem was completely solved.During the week, Qi gang lost a lot of weight. Every worker in the work area was very distressed for him and advised him to go home and rest for two days, but he did not listen.This is not, just solved the problem of qi foreman and busy with the belt “apprentice”!”When you encounter difficulties, don’t try to hide. You can’t learn from them. You can learn from them.””Qi Gang and his disciple said.China traffic broadcast: elegant correspondent: Gao Bo