Eight hundred wounds and a thousand losses?German foreign Minister says Lithuania should be “bullied” into scrapping china-eu investment treaty

2022-07-06 0 By

The Lithuanian incident has intensified, but our country will not compromise on this matter.As Lithuania prepared to take remedial measures, Germany called our measures “coercive”.But it is not up to Germany to decide what is right or wrong.Last year, Lithuania set up a Taiwan representative office in China.The news sparked controversy around the world.Especially for our country, this is undoubtedly a violation of our sovereignty.Due to historical reasons, some “Taiwan independence” elements emerged at home and abroad, but the fact that Taiwan belongs to Our territory cannot be denied.For Lithuania’s behavior, China immediately took counter-measures, not only downgraded Lithuania’s diplomatic rating, many mainland enterprises spontaneously boycotted Lithuanian goods.Under pressure, Lithuania said that the establishment of the Taiwan representative office was a mistake and that it would take remedial measures in a timely manner.However, Korea did not wait for remedial measures from Lithuania, but instead waited for “coercion” from Germany.Germany does not accept China’s “economic coercion” of Lithuania, German Foreign Minister Berberk said in an interview.Mr Belbock said Germany would retaliate if China continued on this course, including opposing the EU investment treaty.Mr Belbock’s move took everyone by surprise, perhaps even the German government, by its foreign minister.Lithuania complained to the EU that it was being “coerced” by China, but the EU ignored it.Seeing that Lithuania has begun to give in and the relationship between China and Lithuania is gradually improving, Germany’s behavior shows that they have bad intentions.Germany’s purpose according to the analysis, Germany’s move has two main purposes, one is to ensure its position in the European Union, the second is to obtain more chips.First, since Brexit, Germany wants to take the lead in the European Union.But in its current position, Germany is no match for France and Spain, so it can only press China to gain the support of other Allies.Secondly, during the negotiations on the China-Eu investment agreement, Germany and others believe that China should give up more interests.Germany took advantage of Lithuania to intimidate China, hoping to exert a deterrence effect on China, so that the EU can gain more benefits.Korea will not compromise on Germany s behavior.Taiwan is originally our territory, Lithuania’s establishment of the “Taiwan Representative Office” is a wrong act, and all our measures are only aimed at safeguarding our sovereignty.Germany took advantage of Lithuania to intimidate Our country in an attempt to achieve their own goals.