130 square meters flat floor to keep the master bedroom three separate toilet and add a cloakroom, make the impossible possible

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Address: Hefei, Anhui Area: 130㎡ Style:Contemporary and contracted original model figure highlight columns is very conspicuous, pattern slightly limited plane scheme using columns into the position of the room, the room facing south, more reasonable, three rooms two who can meet the needs of normal family advocate defend changed some wall, added into three separate bathtub, and added a cloakroom in into the door position,Design is to make may become into the door is in the kitchen, in order to avoid congestion with open of the senses, half wall position design of porch and receive ark, extension of the are bar guest dining-room an organic whole, condole top modelling division on the vision of the two area setting wall is very contracted, a picture hang adorn, color match the soft outfit cloth art,Avoid many colors appear vulgar four people a round table no matter when and where, with a green plant is the best decoration, exquisite furnishing articles can be put in cabinet color is consistent, senior grey bar adopts the grey rock material, wear-resisting durable and more beautiful and the guest is defended dry wet depart, and the corridor between designed wooden grid partition, lighting will not be affected the bedroom color matching drapes,Space is larger, can put the end of the bed stool advocate defend is the separation of the three, use more convenient, the bathroom ark symmetric double basin, middle sink made mesa, toilet in the bathroom can be completed in blue ornament, children room window room daylighting is first-rate, combination ark of desk, no repetitive design style, looks very comfortable