What conditions?A villager in Shanyang went to town on Friday to do business but was told not to go to work

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On February 11, while not to go to work, The town of Shanyang County Tianzhu Shan Qian special chartered a car to the town finance office for business, but was told not to go to work, can not do business.What’s the matter with not doing business when it’s a workday?On February 11, Mr. Qian of Shiyazi Village, Tianzhu Town, Shanyang, went to the town finance office to handle the business of changing the account name of the beneficent farmer. The financial owner was on duty, but the office was not open. The staff on duty told him that the office did not start until the 15th day of the first lunar month.”Friday is a normal working day.!”Mr. Qian was puzzled.Mr. Qian told reporters that his home is far from Tianzhu town, take over the mountain road to walk more than 20 kilometers, some time ago under snow, there is snow on the road, for this he specially packed a car to the town, did not expect to local but eat the cold door.”I have to go away to work soon, and I don’t know when I come back next time.””He said helplessly.In the afternoon of February 11, reporters contacted Shanyang County Tianzhu Town finance director Liu Jianghua.He explained that due to special circumstances, the four staff members of the financial office had gone to the countryside, and the staff on duty in the hall were helped by other departments and were not familiar with the business.”Today was a special occasion, not normally.”Liu Jianghua told reporters, for Mr. Money this distance is far from the business inconvenience, can be huinong account information, identification and other information by the town’s cadres or village cadres, by them to handle, the villagers can not personally to the town.He said it had been explained to Mr Qian and understood.Later government departments will strengthen the publicity and popularization of convenience measures to avoid the masses to run in vain.In this regard, Mr. Qian said that he accepted the handling of the financial office, but suggested that they should make more efforts in the promotion of staff business and publicity, and do practical and good things for the masses.Source: two or three miles