We will speed up the construction of the Yangtze River Concert Hall, the Yangtze River Conservatory of Music, the Huxi Tunnel and the Baishi Yi Tunnel

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Chongqing real estate group held the economic work in 2022, referred to the part of the project of attention in chongqing, 2021 the annual 20.8 billion yuan of investment, business income is 3.44 billion yuan, the total profit of 650 million yuan, the amount of land management so, hongyan culture park a period, a court physician branch 34 major municipal construction projects such as steady progress.We will do a good job in project reserves, expand effective investment, speed up the start of construction of projects, generate more physical work, and give full play to the “ballast stone” role of the main responsibilities and businesses, so as to make positive contributions to stabilizing the basic economic situation.We need to improve the quality and efficiency of land consolidation, focus on scale improvement and market transfer, speed up the improvement of infrastructure weaknesses in areas, speed up the construction of public supporting facilities, do a good job in the treatment and restoration of polluting projects, and speed up the implementation of land consolidation plus.We will strive to improve the comprehensive capacity of projects, focus on the steady investment of major projects, speed up the construction of chahhui Avenue, the new Yanwei Mountain tunnel, the municipal emergency hospital, the Youth Activity Center and other projects under construction, and accelerate the construction of the Yangtze River Concert Hall, the Yangtze River Music Academy, the Huxi Tunnel, and the Baishi Tunnel as planned.Vigorously promote urban renewal, actively participate in the city’s old function areas, old factories, business districts, traditional style areas and villages in the city renewal projects, accelerate the implementation of multi-functional city, turbine plant, Chongqing artillery school and other projects.We will vigorously promote the construction and operation of rental housing, speed up the construction of talent apartments, and establish a high-quality brand image of state-owned rental housing platforms.We will vigorously promote the big health industry, and actively explore the integrated development model of multiple businesses, such as “real estate + health care”, “property + health care”, and “life and culture services + health care”.We will vigorously promote “new urban construction”, get deeply involved in the development of intelligent municipal infrastructure and comprehensive urban management service platforms, speed up the pilot construction of “CIM+ application” and smart road network of new urban infrastructure in multi-functional cities, and speed up the layout of comprehensive service stations for charging (changing) electricity.Chongqing # #