After returning home, they settled down in Lichuan and worked more happily.

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In the spring season, you can see the streets and lanes and villages in Lichuan County. The houses are well-arranged, the roads are clean and flat, the cultural walls are exquisite and unique, the trees are shady in front and behind the house, and all kinds of flowers are blooming…Lichuan vigorously improves the living environment and creates a new lichuan that is livable, livable, livable, livable and livable. However, in order to consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation, music “industry” is the key.”Doorstep” employment sewing umbrella, cap, packaging……Make umbrella workshop in the field township, more than 10 workers are making orders of a batch of umbrellas, embroidery, each in his own place, the production scene in the workshop is in full swing.For the realization of the rural masses busy farming fields, in the long-term effective mechanism of increasing the income of migrant workers into the factory, since the country since the launch of the revitalization of Li Chuan county encouraged by “enterprise + workshops + farmers” model, guide enterprises to build the factory workshop on the village, build on the carrier of “countryside shop” in situ, nearby has transferred the new mode of employment,We will help rural people who have been lifted out of poverty achieve stable employment and sustained income growth at home, consolidate and expand the achievements of poverty alleviation, and bring people’s lives to a higher level.”It’s just a short walk from home. You can make money and look after the elderly. You can do both.”Luo Xianglian, who is in charge of pattern embroidery in the factory, regrets that he used to work outside, and to rent a house to go to work by car, the monthly salary accounting down and work in hometown compared to much less, but also to take care of the family.”I’d better go home,” she said. “I can earn nearly 4,000 yuan a month instead of floating around outside.”In recent years, Lichuan county make full use of our county industrial park enterprise resources to promote the construction of rural workshops, effectively help farmers employment, poverty alleviation, at the same time to help industrial park enterprises to solve the problem of labor difficulties, to achieve win-win cooperation.And issued incentive policies, encourage enterprises to give full play to the role of coordination and organization, promote the sharing of resources and rural workshops, to achieve common development.By the end of 2021, Lichuan County has built a total of 15 rural workshops, more than 1,200 workers in the park enterprises, rural workshops, enterprise bases, cooperative organization bases employment, realize home money.”Chain” entrepreneurship fresh and green sweet potato seedlings, plum trees in need of fruit, hungry ducklings…In the bright family farm of Shangpai Village group, Guangming Village, Rifeng town, Lichuan County, green water yangbo, flower appreciation, garden picking, rural food everything, in the blue sky, white clouds, clear water against the backdrop, a picture of early spring “warm spring duck” slowly unfolded.Farmer Jiang Zengsun is loosening the soil and fertilizing it for next year’s sweet potato harvest.In July 2015, Jiang Zengsun, a migrant worker who had been working outside for many years, returned to his hometown and founded Guangming Family Farm with the strong support of the county Party Committee and the county government.The farm covers an area of about 500 mu, adopting the production mode of “combination of planting and raising, green development”, planting more than 100 mu of sweet potato, nearly 400 mu of rice, breeding ducks nearly 3,000.The mountain planted chestnut, tangerine, rouge grapefruit, passion fruit, yellow pear, etc., forming a picking garden;Forest breeding chickens, ducks, rabbits, ponds fish 10 mu.Not satisfied with the traditional family farm operation mode, Jiang Zengsun spent more than 200,000 yuan in 2018 to add outdoor training facilities, and explored the recycling planting and breeding mode of “grain planting — livestock and poultry raising — fishery breeding — returning manure to the field”, which not only reduced costs, improved economic benefits, but also realized the recycling utilization of resources.In the same year, the farm was awarded “provincial model family farm”.Guangming Farm is one of many diversified family farms in Lichuan.The ecological breeding base of co-cultivation of rice and shrimp, the picking garden of mixed planting of vegetables and fruits, the farm of pueraria cultivation expanding to pueraria wine and pueraria powder production and sales, and the ecological farm that drives villagers to join in the industrialization development of potato fans have blossomed all over the mountain city of Lichuan.These rural industries not only make up the technology, facilities, marketing and other shortcomings to form an industrial chain, but also explore a path of industrial revitalization with local characteristics that can be a virtuous cycle.”Brand” industrial Park in Lichuan County, Jiangxi Bangqi Ceramics Co., Ltd. does not stop work during the Spring Festival, the market supply of products has not been interrupted.Furnace operation, product packaging, online orders……The workshops were bustling with activity.In 2006, Jiangxi Bangqi Ceramics Co., Ltd. adapted to the trend of the transition to the production of heat resistant ceramics, joined the ranks of the development of heat resistant ceramics industry in Lichuan, and became a part of building “China’s ceramic pot capital”.At the same time, Jiangxi Bangqi Ceramics Co., Ltd. adhere to the site selection and use of talent according to local conditions, the sales headquarters is located in Hangzhou, using the talent advantage of Hangzhou e-commerce development to carry out the operation of heat resistant porcelain POTS, live broadcast and after-sales service, and follow the trend of The Times, join the e-commerce operation and live delivery activities;While the technical personnel stationed in the plant, continue to take the road of independent research and development and innovation.Jiangxi Bangqi Ceramics Co., Ltd. on the one hand invested in the purchase of heat-resistant clay and production of heat-resistant cookers, on the other hand, relying on the newly listed heat-resistant porcelain cookers to open up sales, input and output stable operation, business is booming.Relying on the brand dividend, now, Lichuan heat resistant ceramic pot rises to fame. It not only owns famous trademarks such as “Kangshu”, “Huaiquan”, “Bige”, “Jiashun” and “Bangqi Ceramics”, but also has established cooperative relations with midea, Supor, Xiaoxiong Electric appliances and Kangbach and other famous electric brands, with continuous orders.The scale of heat-resistant ceramics industry expands gradually, and the number of jobs provided by enterprises also increases.In the two on-site job fairs held in 2022, The Industrial Park in Lichuan County provided tens of thousands of jobs for the residents of the county, among which nearly 2,000 people reached the employment intention, and more and more Lichuan people ate the brand dividend to achieve employment at home.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: