50etf options trading bidding method?What should I pay attention to when bidding?

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Usually set bidding will affect the trend of 15 minutes -30 minutes after the opening, we should use set bidding to make a long and short judgment, the first time to participate in the transaction fast in and out.To this xiaobian brought the following related content, interested friends can understand.Today material source: caishun options net collation on 50etf options trading bidding method?Bidding should pay attention to what content, hope these can help you bid 50 etf options trading mode 1, 9 – if the five minutes the open call auction can entrust to buy and sell list 2, yet – when the five minutes the open call auction may lose trust to buy and sell the list, but can not be removed from single 3, 9:25– 9:30 this five minutes is not called call bidding time, this five minutes can receive buy and sell orders, also can receive draw 50ETF option bidding should pay attention to what?The closing price of the 50ETF option contract is the last transaction price of the contract on that day. If there is no transaction on that day, the closing price of the previous trading day is the closing price of the day. Similar to stock trading, the opening price of the option contract is the first transaction price of the contract on that day.The opening price is generated by collection bidding, if the opening price cannot be generated, it will be generated by continuous bidding.50 etf options beginners often mistake moving upward when the increase/decrease in infinite storehouse (contracts) for the month, buy more quantity of virtual value of options, if the option will continue to rise, of course, get extra profits, but a period of time, the subject matter of the up/down is often limited, a rising, with a callback/rebound and reduced volatility can eat away at you a lot of profits.