West Zhongshan Yuexiu Tianyuwan open house advantages and disadvantages analysis

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Call 13676060031 Manager Wu, wechat with the same number, 24 hours online consulting Zhongshan West Yuesiu Tianyuwan housing development advantages and disadvantages analysis!!West Zhongshan — when did it open?How long has it been open?(online sales center | contact us | welcome please register in advance to see | 1:1 sales professional interpretation) let’s ordinary people to buy a house, it is no special requirement on the house, on the concept of the tall listened to also do not understand, as long as the quality is good, good matching more, traffic, etc., can let a person live comfortable and convenient, it is a good neighborhood.This article is to recommend such a carefully built housing community – Zhongshan Yuexiu Tianyue Bay.West Zhongshan Yuexiu Tianyuwan open house advantages and disadvantages analysis!!Not general lot for self-living people, the location is also very important, because a good location, often means that there are more supporting.The project is located in the west side of Rainbow Avenue in zhongshan City. The Rainbow Avenue is nothing special, but the surrounding of the project is quite special.The project is not far from the north ring Road and the intersection of the Beijing-Zhuhai line of the viaduct, and coincidentally, yuexiu Tianyuwan distance from the viaduct is actually several hundred meters away, good isolation of car noise, but also set aside a convenient traffic route.West Zhongshan Yuexiu Tianyuwan open house advantages and disadvantages analysis!!Starting from the project, about 500 meters can go on the viaduct, whether it is to jiangmen or to Zhuhai is very convenient.Another advantage of the location of the project is that it is not far from Zhongshan North Railway Station. Driving will only take a little more than 6 kilometers, which is a very short time.And Zhongshan North Railway station is a station of guangzhou-Zhuhai intercity railway, from then on to Zhuhai is really very convenient.West Zhongshan Yuexiu Tianyuwan open house advantages and disadvantages analysis!!Yuexiu day moon surrounding railway station ingenuity building houses now say ingenuity, how is it?Yuexiu tianyue Bay gave his answer.This project makes full use of the lighting and wind direction of the plot, and sets up along the surrounding roads due to the south and north. Through the staggered layout between the front and rear blocks and the Angle deviation of the high-rise house blocks, all the residential products realize the south lighting or north-south permeability.West Zhongshan Yuexiu Tianyuwan open house advantages and disadvantages analysis!!It is particularly worth mentioning that the ground of Yuexiu Tianyue Bay is 1.8 meters higher than the outside, which makes the interior has a very good privacy, it is not easy to see the inside of the community from the outside, but also better to avoid the rainy season when the community may face water logging, after all, zhongshan rain is also quite a lot of.The block of the residential area is in the layout of high in the north and low in the south, avoiding mutual occlusion to a certain extent.These seemingly ordinary designs actually have a great impact on our life in the later stage.Yuexiu Sky Moon Bay in the internal scenic area to create, also spent a lot of ideas, especially nine views six domain community space.Yuexiu days so-called nine scene with bay community characteristics, namely, old age, heaven and earth, all ages sunlight swimming pool, plant class energy health trails, childlike innocence, happy valley, tong qu amusement park, “the city” the lounge, garden art and enjoy intelligent gate house, completely can satisfy from baby to old man’s one-stop recreation, exercise, entertainment and learning needs.West Zhongshan Yuexiu Tianyuwan open house advantages and disadvantages analysis!!The so-called six domains, namely children’s dream sound generator, rhythm clockwork, elderly mover, she she garden, shared bookstore and shared gourmet, can see from the name, the design of these Spaces to take care of the needs of each unique group.As you can imagine, such a community is not boring, is social, can let the old and children feel fun.In addition, the project is equipped with a kindergarten, and has been capped, parents with children do not have to worry.Yuexiu Dayyue Wan kindergarten has been capped west Zhongshan Yuexiu Dayyue Wan open house analysis of advantages and disadvantages!!Peripheral form a complete set of a community is good, peripheral form a complete set is very important.Yuexiu Tianyuwan surrounding a lot of supporting, the first is the medical resources near the project, which is represented by Zhongshan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the linear distance from the project is less than 1 km, this is the health care at home ah!Yuexiu days surrounding the bay with traditional Chinese shopping mall, it is within walking distance project near the ocean side of the big letters, zhongshan square, xindu remit day yue city commercial center, especially project opposite the decathlon France (cui jing) mall, near metro shopping malls, mayflower studios, in addition, the surrounding and CRC, oct opened in vientiane city, form a complete set of business increasingly rich.The taste of being surrounded by business circle is waiting for you to experience it yourself.West Zhongshan Yuexiu Tianyuwan open house advantages and disadvantages analysis!!Intelligent community Yuexiu Tianyuwan also keep up with the trend, to create an intelligent community.How to do that?From the moment you return home, intelligent community life is always with you.For example, as soon as you arrive at the garage door, the license plate will automatically recognize the release;Charging pile parking space for the car with sufficient energy;Step into the elevator, intelligent call, can accurately lock the corresponding floor;Step into the door, but also brush face automatically open the door.Yuexiu Tianyue Bay overturned the concept of small apartment, with a building area of about 87 square meters, it did the special ladder into the household, so that just need to also enjoy the configuration of the mansion, so that the owners can quickly go straight to the house after work.Yuxiu Yuyue Bay Xiyue life 2+1 room 2 hall 2 wei building area 85 square meters Yuxiu Yuyue Bay fashion life 2+1 room 2 hall 2 wei building area 87 square meters call 13676060031 Wu manager, wechat with the number, 24 hours online consultation