Construction of dahuo section of G331 highway began

2022-06-30 0 By

China Gansu network On February 19, lanzhou Evening News reported (reporter Tan Anli) On February 18, G331 line Dandong to Altay road Dahongshan to Horazadegai section (referred to as dahuo section) engineering project in Subei County Ma Mangshan town held the commencement ceremony.G331 Dandong to Altay highway is one of the 60 east-west lines in the National Highway Network Planning (2013-2030). It is also an important gathering and distributing transportation channel of G7 Beijing-Xinjiang national expressway and an important border highway in China.Dahongshan to Horazadegai section is an important part of G331 Line Dandong to Altay highway and G335 Chengde to Tacheng highway in Gansu province, is an important yanbian highway, inter-provincial channel, jiuquan region and Majongshan port external communication channel.The project is located at the starting point of Dahongshan (Border between Mongolia and Gansu), and G331 line Inner Mongolia section of the junction, through hongshi Mountain, ammosauduo Valley, Heishanliang, Huanggang, stop at the North side of Holeza De Gai (border between Gansu and Xinjiang), and G331 line xinjiang section, the total length of the route 123.382 km (including the railway station connection line 4.189 km),The whole line adopts the technical standard of secondary highway, the design speed is 60 km/h, the width of roadbed is 10 meters.After the completion of the project, it is of great significance to accelerate the construction of “One Belt and One Road” and “Silk Road Economic Corridor”, promote the economic and social development and cultural exchanges of Gansu, Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia, improve the general road network in Yanbian, and promote the development of regional tourism and mineral resources.