“I can’t digest the pie drawn by my boss.

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With the development and change of The Times, the post-00s have left the university campus and entered the workplace. However, these self-willed and free post-00s have a different understanding of work, and their working attitude is also greatly different from that of post-80s and post-90s.Just out of the campus of college students, naturally is full of enthusiasm to struggle for their own career, but they pay more attention to their own job “satisfaction”, a little not to the heart of the place will put forward resignation, and the reason for resignation is also strange, let the leadership see all do not know how to respond.Not the boss “digesting cake”, 00 after resignation reason too straightforward, straight chuo boss tao university students’ employment has always been puzzled students, few students can easily find fit their own satisfaction, are in the midst of trying to grope for the road ahead, so change jobs are commonplace, but how to write a letter of resignation has broken a lot of students.00 but the idea is very simple, after resignation reason is more straightforward, like the student under the resignation reason is not the boss “the stomach is bad, digesting the bread”, such a straightforward expression to say how many college students, many bosses will give students to describe the ideal blueprint, but few can achieve, such a reason to let the boss for leave is also a shame,It’s a stab at the heart of the leader.Such students are generally more independent and outspoken, but in the workplace, such students are considered by the boss as “low EQ”, and it is difficult to be appreciated by the boss even if they do not resign.And some students’ reasons for resignation let the boss look surprised, such as the following students to “personal development, inherit the family business” for the reason of resignation, the boss can not refuse to see, and even a little want to hug thighs.Most of the post-00s’ departures are in writing, which makes them very formal, but there are also angry phone calls that leave the boss with no reason to refuse.For example, the following student expressed his dissatisfaction through wechat. His words were sharp and straightforward, but his logic was clear. I believe it would be very embarrassing for the leader to see it.As a matter of fact, the post-00s are very independent and have just left campus. It can be said that “one person can have enough to eat, but the whole family is not hungry”. Therefore, there are not so many worries about them.Once he failed to reach his inner expectations or encountered some difficulties, he would choose to resign. He could only say that he had not experienced the beatings of the society, but also retained his original intention and decided to stay or go according to his own mind.However, I believe that with the growth of age, this kind of domineering and willful behavior will change. This is the process of students’ growth and progress. However, it is still necessary to be humble and polite when entering the workplace.Attitude decides everything, college students entering the workplace, barb is not necessarily a good thing with the opening up of the age, the idea of college students have also changed, more and more attention to their experience, but the employment is not study, there will be no teachers or parents spoil you, entering the workplace still has a lot of fresh knowledge need to learn, too personality is office taboo.After entering the workplace, college students have to start to transform their identities and adapt to the new environment. Nine out of ten times, life is not satisfactory. They should not give up just because they are unhappy.Workplace is different from campus. Although students’ ability is very important, their attitude is more important for leaders to investigate. Keeping a correct and modest attitude to learn new knowledge at work can not only improve their ability, but also easily be appreciated by leaders.First of all, college students need to face up to their identity and change their mentality from a student to a professional. The change of mentality will also bring constant updating of their views. Therefore, only by adapting to the new identity can they really find a suitable job.Secondly, students have little work experience when they first enter the workplace, so they still have a lot to learn. They should always learn from others with a humble attitude, recognize their own shortcomings and make up for them, so as to improve their ability step by step.Thirdly, in addition to personal ability, eq is also a necessary element for workplace survival. After all, it is necessary to communicate with colleagues and leaders. Good interpersonal relationship will make work more smooth.Although the resignation letter of the post-2000 generation is very relieved and expresses the aspirations of many students, such willful behavior does have a bad effect on employment for college students who are just entering the workplace.When choosing employment direction, college students should start from their own heart and choose the job they like. Once entering it, they should keep a humble learning attitude and strive to improve their personal ability, and do not give up easily.Only persistent students can step by step adapt to work life.Today’s topic: Why do you think millennials quit their jobs?Welcome to share and discuss.If you want to know more exciting content, come to follow the little Beauty mother education diary # Knowledge celebrity season #