An elderly farmer in Sichuan province who adopted a baby girl in 1993 abandoned her adoptive father after she got married, a court has ruled

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Since ancient times, we have heard many stories about filial piety.Twenty-four filial piety figure, but also has many stories sung today.For Chinese people, filial piety is the most important part of benevolence, justice and morality. Being raised by parents, it is even more appropriate to give back to parents when they become adults.The ancients ruled the country with filial piety, we can see the importance of filial piety.Yet there is much ugliness in the world, and many revolting stories.Blood is thicker than water, but breeding is better than heaven.As long as it is paid painstaking efforts to raise, children should be aware of their parents is not easy.No matter biological parents or adoptive parents, as long as they treat their children carefully and pay painstaking efforts, they must also hope that they can fulfill their obligations to support them in the future.Whether rich or poor, they want their children to visit them from time to time.But there are still some cruel parents in the world, they choose to abandon their children, the lucky children will meet kind adoptive parents.But sichuan has such a baby girl, after being abandoned by her parents, was taken home by her adoptive father, but as an adult, ungrateful, chose to abandon her adoptive father.In a village in Fenglian district, Guang ‘an city, Sichuan Province, an old man with some mental problems looked lonely and kept mumbling.He kept saying something.Close to the old man, it is not difficult to find that the man’s family is not very rich, his name is Fang Chongcai.A childhood illness caused sequelae, so no one can imagine, he should be able to bring up a little girl, and even send her to marry.Originally thought, the grace of upbringing, will let the little girl repay the kindness, when Fang Chongcai is old, can fulfill filial piety.But everything changed when the girl got married.The girl called Xiao Fang went home less and less, seldom came back to see him, and even wanted to break off relations with him at last.In that case, the adoption procedures were not so complete, and many people in the countryside could not afford to raise their children. When they gave their children away, no one would have formal adoption procedures.That is why Xiao Fang even sued Fang Chongcai, hoping to determine that there is no father-daughter relationship between the two, fang Chongcai’s adoption of her is invalid.Do not want to support the adoptive father of xiao Fang, gave Fang Chongcai a huge blow, although fang Chongcai’s family, many times and xiao Fang’s family quarrel, the situation is just becoming more stalemate.02 heart good adoption and Fang Chongcai is willing to adopt the girl, completely out of a good heart, but did not expect such a result.In 1993, a stranger came to Fangchongcai village with a girl in his arms. At that time, there were countless families that preferred boys to girls. Many families saw that the baby was a girl and did not even want to raise her, so they gave her away directly.And xiao Fang is obviously his biological parents to give up the child, they are not willing to raise her, but no one in the village at that time is willing to adopt her.She looked extremely small, barely a few days old, almost dying, and no one thought the girl could survive.There were few rich families in the village, and no one was willing to share their rations with a child who might not survive.One day, when the man was about to leave with the girl in his arms, Fang chongcai stopped him and wanted to adopt the girl.Because of health problems, he never got married and had no children of his own.When Fang Chongcai took the girl home, his family was also very worried.It’s not easy to raise a little guy like this.They were not a wealthy family, and Fang’s mother had been reluctant to adopt the child.But Fang Chongcai wants to leave the girl, village cadres also come to persuade, persuade fang Chongcai’s mother to leave this girl, later raise big, after her hundred years, also can take care of Fang Chongcai.Xiao Fang is a member of the fang family, Fang Chongcai for his little daughter’s arrival is very happy, to buy her milk powder bottles, want to carefully care for the girl grew up.03 not easy life with a big girl is not easy, after the death of fang’s mother, small Fang has been fang Chongcai’s eldest brother with.And Fang Chongcai in order to support his adopted daughter to go to school, chose to go out to work, their father and daughter two of the cost of living, he is working outside to earn.People in the village think that Fang Chongcai treated his adopted daughter so well, xiao Fang must be very filial later, although their intelligence problems, there will be a daughter to help.Just contrary to one’s wishes, Fang Chongcai outside the struggle, for xiao Fang’s school life, the efforts paid, and was not the little girl in mind.After she went out to work after graduation, she left home for a long time.She did not show much affection for her adoptive father.Just married that time, xiao Fang also once received fang Chongcai side.In Fang Chongcai was xiao Fang picked up to her husband’s family life that few years, he has been outside the odd jobs, subsidize the family.In spite of this, also did not let xiao Fang abandoned him, more than a hesitation.Before long, Fang Chongcai was sent back to his hometown, at the beginning there are some supplies sent, gradually, even xiao Fang returned to Guang ‘an, did not step into the house.Fang’s eldest brother also argued with Xiao Fang’s in-laws about the opportunity, but in 2016, Xiao Fang sued her adoptive father to terminate her support obligations, claiming that the adoption procedures were not compliant.Because of the lack of relevant documents, the adoption procedures are not compliant, the court eventually sentenced to two people between the adoptive father and daughter relationship is not established, xiao Fang eventually and Fang Chongcai cut off relations.More sad is that Fang Chongcai once wanted to leave xiao Fang thirty thousand yuan deposit, xiao Fang was carrying him away.For this behavior, xiao Fang’s husband killed not to admit, in the end whether to pursue the cost of raising so many years, which let the party in a dilemma.And for Fang Chongcai, the biggest blow is not willing to raise him.04 Conclusion Support parents is legal level, children should do the obligation, but because the child was in a hurry to adopt, there is no relevant procedures, in the legal level, xiao Fang and Fang Chongcai between the father-daughter relationship, is not established.After getting married, xiao Fang followed her husband’s family and seemed to have forgotten how Fang Chongcai had grown up when she was still a baby in swaddling clothes.For the fang family, the most sad than, originally identified relatives, in the end turned out to be a “Wolf in the eyes”, not only did not say the slightest favor, and even tried all their strength, to scrape off fang Chongcai’s last bit of value.The grace of upbringing is greater than heaven, but there are always some swatters, there is no feeling in the heart of this said, and that all day long muddled Fang Chongcai, may no longer wait back to that once lovely little girl.