Geely Emgrand L car maintenance experience sharing

2022-06-23 0 By

Geely Emgrand L is positioned as a compact car of a domestic brand. This car has been loved by everyone for its good stability at the same level. Then the car brought by the author today is Geely Emgrand L 2022 1.4T CVT Supreme model.Hope to bring some guiding suggestions to your car purchase.The insurance cost of Geely Emgrand L is also a considerable cost.According to the price learned by the author in the local Geely 4S shop, the insurance cost of this car is mainly composed of two parts. The first is compulsory compulsory insurance, so the annual compulsory insurance cost is 950 yuan.Then comes the commercial insurance with a relatively high price. The quotation of several insurance companies for the commercial insurance of this car is 3,652 yuan. Finally, the total annual insurance cost of this Geely Emgrand L is 4,602 yuan.Next, let’s talk about the maintenance cost. The author learned from the maintenance master in the local Geely 4S shop that the maintenance project and cycle of this car are respectively 5,000 kilometers or 3 months for the first warranty, and the engine oil and oil filter need to be replaced. Fortunately, the first warranty is free.After driving 10000km or 9 months, the first one shall prevail. The maintenance items of this car include the replacement of oil, oil filter, air conditioner filter core, air filter core and the subtotal hourly cost of 535 YUAN.Finally, after driving 15000 km, the engine oil and oil filter still need to be replaced, plus 360 yuan subcharge for working hours.Referring to big data, the author obtained that the average annual mileage of domestic drivers is 15,000km, so the maintenance cost of this Geely Emgrand L in the first year is 895 yuan.Then we look at the oil cost that we are most concerned about. According to the author’s actual measurement of this Geely Emgrand L, the measured road condition is the expressway in Taiyuan city and the road condition of the urban congestion section is 50 to 50, and the measured fuel consumption of this Geely Emgrand L is 6.9L per 100 kilometers.The author found that Geely Emgrand L recommended filling 92# gasoline. Taking the oil price in Taiyuan today, April 3, 2022 as an example, sinopec 92# gasoline is 8.67 yuan per liter, so the author still drives 15000km per year as a reference, and the annual oil cost of this Geely Emgrand L is about 8973.45 yuan.Finally, it came to the author’s summary. The cost of car maintenance of this Geely Emgrand L in the first year was about to be revealed. Through the above list, the maintenance + insurance + oil cost of this Geely Emgrand L in the first year = 14,470.45 yuan.Then, the monthly maintenance cost of this car will cost about 1205 yuan.This fee should not affect most office workers, right?