Xianning Intermediate Hospital customized intellectual property protection manual for private enterprises to strengthen intellectual property protection

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Xianning network news reporter Zhang Huan reported: “This is our most concerned about the problem!”A few days ago, Hubei (tongcheng) Ping an electrician group general manager Pan Dujiang took over the intellectual property rights protection manual sent by the Intermediate people’s Court of Xianning City.”Tailored to answer the difficulties and pain points of intellectual property protection reflected by various enterprises.”City courtyard people a court president he Yunze.In November last year, the Municipal People’s Procuratorate, the Municipal Public Security Bureau and the Municipal Market Supervision Administration visited key high-tech enterprises in their jurisdiction to gain an in-depth understanding of the actual needs of private enterprises for INTELLECTUAL property protection.On the same day, the Municipal Intermediate People’s Court visited red Bull, Ping an Electrician, 36 Heavy Industry, Asia Ceramics and other private enterprises with 1000 copies of intellectual property protection manuals “freshly released”.He Yunze gave an example: a well-known enterprise in Tongcheng based on independent innovation for many years, more than 20 products and technologies in the international advanced, domestic leading level, more than 50 products and technologies to fill the international and domestic gaps, was awarded the “sixth batch of manufacturing single champion demonstration enterprise” by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.However, one of the company’s top executives, whom it had focused on training, left with a technical confidentiality and non-compete agreement.Three months later, a new factory was set up about 2 kilometers away from the company to make the same products as the company and enter the market at a low price.However, the intangible characteristics of intellectual property rights lead to the strong concealment of infringement, difficult to obtain evidence, difficult to prove the standard, more difficult to determine the amount of crime.In July last year, the Tongcheng County People’s Court found the executive guilty of violating trade secrets and sentenced him to three years and two months in prison.”Continuous improvement of the business environment is inseparable from intellectual property protection.”In 2021, the court continued to promote the judicial protection of INTELLECTUAL property, promoting the “three-in-one” trial mechanism and the “quick handling of simple cases” model, and concluded 1,383 INTELLECTUAL property cases, including 297 trademark disputes, he yunze said.The municipal Copyright Bureau and other five units issued implementation opinions to establish a collaborative ipr protection mechanism.It promoted the establishment of a people’s mediation committee for INTELLECTUAL property disputes and stationed it in the Municipal People’s Mediation Center, and established a pre-mediation mechanism for intellectual property cases.The Municipal Middle Court was rated as the advanced unit in the province to combat infringement and counterfeiting in 2020, and one case was rated as the typical case of the provincial courts.