The second Yangtze River Delta Superconducting Industry Summit Forum was held in Shanghai

2022-06-20 0 By

Xinmin Evening News (reporter Ye Wei) The world’s first 35 kilovolt kilometer class superconducting cable demonstration project section is about to operate safely in Shanghai for 100 days.Today, the second Yangtze River Delta superconducting Industry Summit forum was held in Shanghai.The meeting revealed that Shanghai took new materials as one of the six key industries to promote the layout of the city, and promoted the high-end development of advanced basic materials, key strategic materials serialization, featured materials large-scale development, cutting-edge new materials industrial application, and accelerated the cultivation of advanced materials industrial cluster.New material industry is a strategic and basic industry, and also a key field of high-tech competition.The Yangtze River Delta region will jointly carry out research on key and core technologies, jointly promote the layout of the superconductor industry, and jointly build the superconductor industry into an economic highland, an industrial talent highland, a technological resource highland and a technological application highland.The world’s first 35-kilovolt kilometre superconducting cable demonstration project has been officially put into operation, and the index data has reached the international leading level, marking the world’s first superconducting cable supporting the backbone power grid of a megacity and stepping on the historical stage.BBS invited Huang Chongqi academicians, Chen Xianhui academicians, member of qiu-liang wang, member of Wang Weihua superconducting industry such as domestic first-class experts and scholars, in the combination of offline and online way, around the superconducting power transmission in the field of innovation and development in our country, to promote China’s industrial technology innovation and application level, promote cutting-edge technology in circulation, promote the healthy development of emerging industries,They expressed their opinions.Tang Liang, chairman of the Yangtze River Delta Superconducting Industry Chain Alliance, introduced that the alliance has been established for more than a year, focusing on the advantages of the Yangtze River Delta resources, quickly seize the highland of superconducting industry development, and strive to create a cross-industry, cross-field high-tech ecosystem.At the meeting, the Academic Committee of Shanghai Superconducting Manufacturing Innovation Center, led by four academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering and Chinese Academy of Sciences, was formally established.