Liu Yu: Jia fu still can continue to get a big victory

2022-06-20 0 By

Ajax vs. fc twente ajax home record this season is a terrorist, 41 goals in 11 league games into a lost only three goals, recent 10 home 5-0 score exaggerated alone with four, the sword of the ghost even covers the PSV and vitesse Dutch giants such as a team!Especially recently Gu Fu showed peak power, at the star-studded hindrance, alex, carmelo Anthony, Boris tadic, antique, klassen players such as tacit cooperation, offensive flow, in flowing attack tactics can ensure efficient scoring ability, ornamental and practical and very rare!Twente, who have been rising through the ranks in recent years, have surged to fourth place this season, behind the traditional big three Dutch clubs.The team structure is reasonable, the balance between attack and defense, the scoring ability is also somewhat guaranteed, nearly 7 times against Ajax can get goals, but the team’s top scorer Van Wolfswinkle is old, facing Jia Fu 21 rounds only conceded 5 goals of the defense is estimated to be weak.To sum up, Ajax have been on a tear recently, scoring 26 goals in their last five home games without conceding a single goal, playing a full week and only two points clear at the top of the table with a game in hand.Twente although the recent situation is also good, but in the face of super class strength ajax or difficult to make waves.This field is optimistic about ajax to continue the trend of home victories, half the recommendation of the Lord – Lord, the score can be concerned about 3:0 and 4:0