Liu Yan’s figure is really a package can not live, wear sequins strap skirt plump more, see the face or little girl

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# # # today what to wear become beautiful encyclopedia # # # life clock in winter season in numerous dress styles, the most can reflect the charm of women and nature must be a condole belt style of dress, Ada condole belt skirt wearing out of the beautiful girl, with mature and plump charm, two styles of fusion is neither contradictions have surprisingly harmony.How to bring the charm and layering of skirt into full play, we need to express it through our design and matching skills.Condole belt skirt outfit fashionable glamour expression skills about how to choose the skirt with shoulder-straps in dress collocation, the skirt with shoulder-straps is the design of most girls collocation, because the skirt with shoulder-straps itself is with the delicate style, and skirt for the girl’s shoulder straps type request is not high, the design of the shoulder belt often can divide our line feeling on the vision.Therefore, it will also achieve a certain modification effect. If you want to wear a sling skirt with a bright and delicate style, we often match the style of the sling, and we must wear a slim and tight skirt.If it is a loose slip dress, coupled with very expansive sequins, it will give people a very messy visual experience, so we often use the slip dress of tight package, but for the slip dress of tight package, it is not suitable to wear in daily life, because the style of the slip dress itself is relatively exposed.When we go for slim-fitting styles, we tend to have too much flamboyance instead of fashion.So if it’s a tight, hip-hugging dress, we all fold it with a jacket.The combination of sequins and printing elements liu Yan’s figure is really wrapped up, wearing sequins with straps full, see the face or little girl.Girls if the string style of the dress to add glitter elements, so the overall style has been laid the foundation.The trend of our style must be personalized and fashionable, so in this case, we will choose some printing elements for matching, such exaggerated elements are not exaggerated color matching, while girls choose printing elements, our background color must be classic.Compared with white, black is more textured for the overall image. If we choose white as the background color of sequins, the effect presented is not textured enough, and it is easy to make the overall style more detached.I don’t want to lose weight. A little bit of meat is really beautiful.While printing with sequins, because the design and elements are prone to exaggerated style, we must choose classic colors, so that the overall image will not have too much messy style.For the long buttock skirt, in fact, it looks very incongruous visually, often choose the short buttock skirt for collocation.If the girls feel that the short skirt can not express their style, then above the long skirt, we can choose the mermaid style dress, the upper part is wrapped style, and the lower part is scattered design, the same can play the effect of hip skirt.Mermaid dress Style Mermaid dress style is more sophisticated style, more to highlight the layers of the above style.In printing element above, we can undertake collocation according to their personality, printing design, we try to avoid flower pattern, choose a few letters or similar to the individual character style is some eyes in the style of design, this kind of character pattern is more visual wallop, give a person will also have more cool sayin and fashionable style.In the selection of short buttock skirt, we will also add some lace design, for the overall design of the hem, this design method will be more delicate style, but also let the sequins element is not so eye-catching.If girls want to wear it as a dress, then we can choose the slip skirt made of velvet. If girls want to wear it as a daily dress, then we must increase the collocation of coats when matching the slip velvet style.Because only by adding coat items, the overall image will not have too much exposure, but if it is used as a dress dress, we can not match coat, but our skirt must choose palace pompous skirt to create a formal style.Because of the particularity of velvet material, we must choose pure color, do not add too many elements, only to increase the design of skirt.This will not add too many redundant elements to the velvet material.If girls want to make the style of dress dress more impact, such collocation is to use the three-dimensional sense to create an overall style. If the overall style is to create clothes with flower patterns, then we must choose the style close to it to carry out the collocation of three-dimensional elements.For example, the pattern of flowers, we can choose butterflies in the chest for three-dimensional design, so that the style presented is more dreamy temperament, but also to form a sense of echo between the pattern and pattern, so we are in the collocation above the comparison and design style.Sling gauze skirt girls in the collocation of sling skirt, do not put the sling skirt just imagine as a style, in fact, sling skirt for some other neckline will have a certain role in modification, such as a strapless skirt or a word shoulder skirt.In fact, the style of the sling above the collar of the one-word shoulder is the most able to show its advantages. We can use the sling to match the style of the one-word shoulder, so that it has the effect of segmentation proportion in the vision, so that it is more versatile for the one-word shoulder.On top of the overall dress.In fact, we can use some bold elements to carry out the collocation.Sling skirt can not only show delicate feeling, it is also very diversified for fashion tolerance, we can match out a lot of novel design can also match out some different styles.