Zhao Xintong stormed back 5-0 to win 5-1 as China’s 19-year-old lost 5-2 to Xiao Gangpao

2022-06-19 0 By

The 2022 Turkish Open snooker qualifying tournament continues.British Championship champion Chiu Xintong went on a 5-0 run to beat Ishai Scott 5-1 in a highlight match.In the other match, chang Bingyu, 19, lost 5-2 to world No. 10 Mark Allen.Chang bingyu, 19, is currently ranked 94th in the world and his Turkish Open qualifier opponent Allen is ranked 10th.He has been in good form this season, winning the Northern Ireland Open.In the final, the 9-8 winner 4 time world champion John “Wizard” Higgins won the title.Chang Bingyu and “small steel cannon” only a confrontation, he lost to the opponent.In the first round of the Turkish Open qualifying tournament, Chang Bingyu and “Xiao Gangpao” both had good single shot performance, “Xiao Gangpao” single shot 50 points, Chang Bingyu answered single shot 57 points, 65-64 one point narrowly win, 1-0 start.In the second frame, “xiao Gang pao” continued to have a good single performance, his single 95 points to win, 95-41 back to make the score 1-1.The third game, Chang Bingyu and “xiao Gangpao” seesaw, in the game, “Xiao Gangpao” through piecemeal, 78-44 win again, 2-1 back to exceed the score.The fourth set, Chang Bingyu is still in a slump, and “xiao Gang pao” through a few overhand, 70-14 win, the score increased to 3-1, and two game advantage into the intergame break.In the fifth game, chang bingyu came back from the intergame break, using several overhands, 79-12 to tie the score at 2-3.In the sixth set, Chang bingyu went cold, and “xiao Gangpao” found his offensive touch again, his single shot 78 points to win, 82-21 again, the lead increased to 4-2, and won two match points.In the seventh game, chang Bingyu, who had no way back, was unable to fight back. Xiao Gang Pao shot 71 points and beat Chang Bingyu 76-0. The total score was 5-2 and she was strongly promoted to the Turkish Open.