The city’s first Internet cafe opened without the approval of the public security organ, nansha police in Guangzhou to further promote the “separation of license and license” reform

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To further implement the party central committee and state council on deepening the reform of “separation” awarded work decision deployment, power optimization business environment, recently, guangzhou nansha police and thorough going efforts to promote business site of Internet access services (hereinafter referred to as the “Internet cafes”) “licenses separation reform work, convenient degree of market main body and improve the management, effectively stimulate the vitality of market main body development.At the beginning of this year, guangzhou a network limited company (a fish e-sports Internet cafe) in nansha Wanda Plaza smooth opening.As a result, the Internet cafe has become the first Internet cafe in Nansha New Area of Guangzhou, China (Guangdong) pilot free trade Zone to further deepen the “separation of license and license” reform — the cancellation of the Internet service business premises information network security audit, but also the city’s first Internet cafe does not need to pass the audit of the public security organs to open.In 2020, according to the spirit of The State Council’s “Notice on The Reform of” Separation of License and License “in the Pilot Free Trade Zone (Guofa (2019) No. 25), nansha Police adjusted the audit items of Internet service business premises information network security into” implementation of notification commitment “.The applicants who apply to open Internet cafes only need to promise that they have met the opening conditions and sign a letter of commitment, and the public security organs can complete the examination and approval on the same day according to the promise. The time limit for the examination and approval commitment is reduced from 10 working days to 1 working day.At the end of November 2021, according to the implementation plan of the higher authorities on comprehensively implementing the reform of “separating licenses from licenses”, nansha Police carried out the reform again on the information network security audit items of Internet service business places, which was adjusted from “implementing the promise of informing” to “canceling the examination and approval directly”.The applicant shall handle the information network security audit matters of the new application, replacement and project change of the Internet cafe in Nansha District without going through relevant procedures with the public security organ.The applicant that applies for Internet bar newly is in handle good industrial and commercial business license, can apply directly to cultural administration department by right of relevant material “network culture manages permit”, can start business after approval.After the implementation of the reform measures, not only can effectively shorten the waiting time for the applicant approval, so that it wins the first opportunity in the opening stage, but also can directly reduce the cost of the applicant expenditure, effectively improve the convenience of the main body of the market.According to police in nansha relevant controller introduces, at the same time in the further push forward the reform of “separation” certificates, nansha police will coalition government departments through the “double random, a public” (i.e. random inspection object, randomly selected law enforcement inspectors, selective examination and investigation results in a timely manner to the society of the public), strengthen the daily supervision of Internet cafes,Urge Internet cafe operators to strictly follow the Regulations on the Administration of Internet Access Service Business Sites in the course of operation.For all kinds of illegal behaviors such as failure to implement real-name online registration and log retention, Nansha Police will cooperate with relevant government departments to investigate and deal with them in accordance with the law to ensure that both “delegation of power” and “supervision” are correct.Editor | Small open