Dayi 301 batch of early spring arbor green cake, the star of Tibetan tea circle “little cabbage”, potential is promising

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# Pu ‘er Tea # 2003 is a year of stars in pu ‘er tea industry.This year, the menghai Tea Factory produced many classic tea products, such as six-star peacock, Gold and silver Dayi, and early spring trees.Today, the shopkeeper of the flagship store “Collection pu ‘er” would like to introduce to you 301 batches of early spring tree green cakes in 2003.Every day a professional original article, more than 150 star old tea introduction, share pu ‘er tea brand, old tea, as well as buy tea, save tea, tea making, tea tasting professional dry goods knowledge, all in the wechat public number “Collection pu ‘er”, welcome to exchange!The 2003 early spring tree series is the custom tea of shangying Black Tea Company, which is distributed by Dayi in the early years. It contains three kinds of tea products, namely, 301 early spring tree green cake, 301 early spring tree general cake, and an early spring tree tribute cake.301 Early spring tree green cake, menghai menghai state-owned tea factory launched the first early spring tree, using mountain trees early spring tea raw materials carefully prepared, belongs to the high-end boutique tea.▲2003 Tae Early Spring Tree Green Cake Tea edition adhering to the traditional Red Tae layout, because the tae logo is printed on both sides of the organic cabbage logo and green food logo, it is sought after by the market as “little cabbage”, also known as “double eyes”, in the middle and old Tibetan tea circle has a good reputation.2003 Dayi 301 early spring tree, single cake net weight 400g, 7 cakes/drum, 12 boxes /84 cakes/piece, the original factory packed in bamboo basket, attached with an original large invoice.The whole bamboo shell is marked with “ecological tea”, similar to the early Chinese cabbage.There are two versions of dayi 301 early spring tree. The more common one has the following three identifying points: 1.Early word not even: cotton paper above the “early spring tree” “early” above the word, “day” in the middle of a horizontal and both sides are disconnected.Notice that the word “morning” on the inner flight is the same.2. The word “yi” is slightly blurred on the tea plate. There is a clear white mark on the right side of the word “Yi”.3. Back correction liquid: cotton paper on the back of the commodity standard code second letter, someone to wipe the traces of correction liquid.It is said that when the menghai tea factory employees found a mistake in the code printing when the tea products were in factory inspection, so the whole batch of goods were changed with a wrong English word with correction fluid.In addition, we found another tea edition in the professional reference book “Dayi Tea Event” and “Freshmen Pu ‘er Almanac” in the process of looking up information.▲2003 Dayi early spring tree green cake version 2 this version of 301 early spring trees, “early” above the word “day”, the middle of a horizontal only connected with the left side, the right side is disconnected;The Taeke logo is printed more clearly and has no traces of correction fluid on the back.This version of 301 early spring trees, because the market circulation is not much, rarely known, and even was mistaken for imitation, we must pay more attention to distinguish, when necessary to personally open soup tasting, to assist identification.▲2003 da Yi early spring tree green cake version comparison with two words summarized 301 early spring tree two tea version of the characteristics, is: early word not even, yi word fuzzy, correction fluid;Early word left, benefit word clear, no correction fluid.301 Early spring tree green cake, belongs to the strong qi foot type tea, tea soup golden oil, mouth slightly bitter, quickly melt.Strong smoke straight into the throat, tea is strong and smooth, soup feeling thick and full, there is the shadow of Chinese cabbage.▲2003 Dayi Early spring Tree Green cake is very surprising, although the soup is wild and bold, but the water is delicate, smooth and quality, return to sweet very quickly.The overall flavor is rich, full of smoke fragrance into the water, pure tree fragrance, clear qi charm, the tail water continues to be sweet, give some time, the potential to rise must be more.In short, 301 early spring arbor Green cake has a very high reputation in the Tibetan tea circle, and has always been the star tea sought after by old tea customers.With its rich smoke and outstanding tree flavor, banzhang Chinese cabbage is now out of reach, and chasing this kind of Chinese cabbage is also a good choice.Disclaimer: This article is organized by the public account “Collection pu ‘er”, please indicate the source of reprint!Reference: Leung Jun-chi.Dayi Tea: 1994-2007[M]. Taipei: Wuxing Books, 2007 liang Junzhi.New Pu ‘er Yearbook (1998-2003) [M]. Taipei: Wuxing Books, 2012