This incubator has gathered a number of technology enterprises in emerging fields

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Scientific and technological innovation is of great significance to the common prosperity. In the process of scientific and technological innovation helping the common prosperity, a group of scientific and technological business incubators are constantly injecting vitality and power into the promotion of high-quality development and common prosperity in Ningbo.Recently, Ningbo Science and Technology Bureau and Ningbo Finance Bureau announced the 2021 Accreditation list of Ningbo science and technology Business Incubators. Angel Industrial Park in Zhenhai District was successfully selected into the list, officially becoming the municipal science and technology business incubator.Angel Industrial Park is jointly constructed by zhenhai District People’s Government, Ningbo Angel Investment Guide Fund Co., LTD., and Ningbo Productivity Promotion Center. Ningbo Zhenhai Angel Industrial Park Co., LTD., is the investment attraction, operation and management company.The industrial park is positioned as the incubator base of talent projects, pilot scale base and industrial cluster base, focusing on the introduction and cultivation of new materials, electronic information, artificial intelligence, biomedicine and other strategic emerging industries.Established in September 2020, Zhejiang Qingjie Intelligent Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Qingjie intelligent”) is a high-tech enterprise focusing on 4G/5G industrial Internet integrated solutions and industrial Internet operation platform.After more than a year of development, the company has a number of intelligent hardware, embedded software, network platform and industrial solution development capabilities, growth momentum is good.At the beginning, Qingjie Intelligent has encountered many problems that start-ups will encounter, such as difficulties in venue, capital and other aspects.Facing all kinds of difficulties, the angel industrial park in Zhenhai became the “noble” on the road of qingjie intelligent growth, and the company soon chose to settle in this industrial park.”When our team was preparing to land in Ningbo, angel Industrial Park helped us solve the problem of office space, and actively assisted us to connect with government resources and enterprise development funds, and finally enabled us to obtain xiongzhen Talent fund support and angel Industry fund investment.”Su Jianming, deputy general manager of Qingjie Intelligence, said.Su Jianming also told reporters that angel industrial Park for the company to provide timely service is also very close.At the end of last year, with the development and expansion of the company, the office space became increasingly tight. After knowing the situation, angel Industrial Park actively contacted and coordinated with the enterprises at the same level, and soon helped the company to solve this problem.”The industrial park also holds various legal, fiscal and tax training courses to avoid the possibility of making mistakes.During holidays and festivals, the park hosts a variety of activities to make our employees feel at home.”Su Jianming believes that small and medium-sized enterprises solve the employment problems of many people, so the development of small and medium-sized enterprises is the key to common prosperity.Angel Industrial Park, as an incubator of science and technology enterprises aiming at strategic emerging industries, has fostered a number of small and medium-sized science and technology enterprises in frontier fields and promoted their rapid growth. These small and medium-sized science and technology enterprises also play a huge role in helping and driving other small and medium-sized enterprises in science and technology.It is understood that since the opening of the park in March 2018, angel Industrial Park has continuously increased the introduction and cultivation of enterprises.At present, there are 60 incubating enterprises and 12 graduate enterprises in the park, which are mostly high-tech enterprises with high growth in major strategic emerging fields.In addition to Qingjie Intelligent, there are also deep Qing Technology, Wantu robot, Nine micro medical, Yundan Network, Jijin Technology and other enterprises, now have obtained all kinds of social capital and angel guide fund investment, has achieved good development.For example, Deep Engine technology is mainly engaged in the research and development of ARTIFICIAL intelligence cloud services and software products. Its team members are all from the world’s top artificial intelligence research laboratories.The person in charge of the company said that since its establishment in Zhenhai, relevant departments and angel Industrial Park have provided the company with “mother” service, and the company has become a leading ai development enterprise in the financial industry.According to the introduction of the person in charge of Ningbo Zhenhai Angel Industrial Park Co., LTD., in 2021, the accumulated operating revenue of the angel Industrial Park enterprises will reach nearly 400 million yuan, and tax payments will also grow rapidly.At present, the first and second phases of the Angel Industrial Park have been completed and are in use, with a total area of about 20,000 square meters and an occupancy rate of 100%.Phase III is under preparation to build a high-end laboratory service platform integrating technology research and development and tackling key scientific and technological problems, attracting outstanding talents in life and health and landing projects.”In addition to the relevant science and technology policies and talent policies issued by Ningbo city and Zhenhai District, enterprises entering our industrial park can also enjoy many preferential policies provided by the park.For example, if a company completes the evaluation, it will receive up to three years of full rent subsidy and a partial refund of tax contributions made by local governments.The chief said.In order to help enterprises to take the first step, angel Industrial Park also created a series of special services for enterprises.For example, in terms of talent introduction and education, the industrial Park helps all kinds of high-level innovative and entrepreneurial talents to actively apply for district-level, city-level and above talent plans;In terms of capital connection, the industrial park plays an active role as a bridge to help enterprises connect with many angel investment institutions, venture capital institutions and angel investors in various industries.In terms of science and technology finance, the industrial park has introduced such science and technology financial institutions as intellectual property pledge financing, science and technology small loan, and science and technology bank to provide stronger support for the development of enterprises.In terms of scientific and technological consultation and training, the industrial park provides all kinds of consulting services such as policy, law, finance and taxation, patent, etc., and employs relevant experts to provide training on project declaration and marketing skills for enterprises.”Fostering and strengthening science and innovation forests is an important part of making the economic pie bigger and more solid, and it is of great significance to promoting common prosperity.As a science and technology business incubator, we will continue to explore innovative measures and models for business incubation, and gradually build the park into a benchmark business park and a high-level talent gathering area in zhenhai, injecting new impetus into the high-quality development and common prosperity of Zhenhai and even Ningbo.”Angel industrial park director said.Reporter Wu Zhengbin statement: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will be timely processing.Email address: