Roewe Ei5 limited time discount 2000 yuan welcome test drive

2022-06-18 0 By

Pingliang Guangfei Rongwei Rongwei Ei5 car sales, color optional.Cash purchase some models in Pingliang Guangfei Roewe 4S shop offers a lot, price to force, multiple car gift waiting for you!Upon arrival, a professional sales consultant will tell you the parameters of the vehicle and the purchase policy in detail.Let you buy peace of mind, buy at ease, with peace of mind!Interested friends can go to the shop consultation to buy, we wholeheartedly for your service!Pingliang Guangfei Roewe 4S shop look forward to your visit!The promotion period is from February 13, 2022Roewe Ei5 latest offer model manufacturer guidance price/subsidy price Preferential range Pingliang offer Luxury edition 140,800 yuan 0.200 yuan 138,800 yuan Zhilian flagship edition 150,800 yuan 0.200 yuan 148,800 yuan Zhilian supreme edition 160,800 yuan 0.200 yuan 158,800 yuan Zhilian flagship health capsule edition151,100 yuan 102,000 yuan 149,100 yuan Zhilian supreme Health cabin version 161,100 yuan 102,000 yuan 159,100 yuan