Yucheng Xindian Town: good “start the first lesson”, tighten the “safety production string”

2022-06-17 0 By

In order to effectively improve the level of enterprise safety management, enhance the safety production awareness and ability of employees, effectively prevent and curb the occurrence of various accidents.Shandong yucheng city store town in view of the characteristics of work safety in production of organization jurisdiction enterprise solid foundation to carry out the safe production as the main content of “starts the first class”, firmly establish a “the first thing to do is start working safety, catch” thoughts, practically collapsed staff thought, strengthen the safety awareness, implement safety measures, strengthening equipment maintenance and production safety inspection,Return to normal working condition quickly.In the activity, the main person in charge of the resumption of work and production enterprises combined with the characteristics of the company’s safety production, carried out safety training through all staff training, watching warning education videos and other ways, effectively improved the level of safety awareness of employees, put safety responsibility into practice, and tightened the “safety valve” for the safe production of enterprises.Up to now, xindianzhen 35 enterprises have all organized the “start of the first class” safety education and training, laying a solid foundation for the safe resumption of production and work of enterprises.In the next step, Xindian Town will continue to strengthen the awareness of “red line” and “bottom line” thinking, consolidate the concept of safe development, consolidate the responsibility of safe production, and comprehensively and carefully guide the resumption of work and production enterprises to do a good job in work safety and epidemic prevention and control.At the same time, we will focus on investment promotion, projects and development as the next step of work, do a good job in the guidance, service and guarantee of key projects and projects, study and judge the situation, gather strength to attack, and play the “New Year’s Melody” of boosting energy and breaking waves.Text natural edit | | Yang Yang natural review | Feng Lexuan