Xinmi Experimental Primary School Education Group held the 2022 spring semester work conference

2022-06-17 0 By

Henan Science and Technology News Zhu Shengli correspondent Zhang Changhao Feng Jiangli heart has a letter can zhiyuan do not forget the original heart to build a dream in the future forge ahead and then spectrum new years do not live thousands of sails, the beginning of the Year of the Tiger new.In order to ensure the smooth, orderly and efficient opening of spring 2022, Xinmi Experimental Primary School Education Group held a preparatory meeting for the opening of grade directors, subject directors and lesson preparation leaders at 9 am on February 12th to plan the key work of the new semester.At the meeting, Vice President Wu made clear to everyone the development goals and work ideas of this semester, unified the ideas for the work of the new semester, and made clear the direction.The first meeting of the first semester of the grade group next, by the grade group, lesson preparation group held the first meeting of the team, the meeting arrangement arranged the work plan of this semester.In addition to arranging the work of the semester, the new semester work conference also guided teachers to learn two contents: “Under the double reduction, how important is it for teachers to open the” second curve “of self-growth?How to Design high quality Homework? Teachers need to pay attention to these four directions.Everyone studied carefully, took notes, and shared their gains with the team.The development of the school is inseparable from an excellent team.In the new semester, they will, as always, stay true to their original aspiration, forge ahead and lead the children to the road of excellent growth!New era, new responsibilities, new semester, new actions.We will further optimize the management, unite closely, and work together with the spirit of cooperation of “heart to a place to think, to a place to make” to create a new brilliant school work!Spring meets beauty!Huhu shengwei, continue to write the most beautiful chapter of education!