What if a girl can’t jump far in the long jump?

2022-06-17 0 By

Girls can practice long jump, master the correct posture, do a good run-up, let yourself relax.Girls’ long jump is not far, in fact, there are many factors caused by this, which also makes many girls dare not jump, it has become a difficult problem, but since there is a problem, there will be a way, girls’ long jump is not far, but also through their own efforts to change things.So, I summarized the following points, I believe that after watching you, you will harvest, no longer afraid of the long jump.1, more practice long jump girls long jump is not far from the best solution is to practice, since we jump not far, then we work hard to practice, let yourself jump further, not compared with others, compared with their own progress.In your spare time, you can find an empty place and practice constantly. Through your own efforts, you can make your grades continue to improve, so that you can slowly improve your long jump ability, and will not be afraid of the long jump not far.2, master the correct posture in accordance with the usual standing long jump, but enough explosive power is useless, the correct posture can help you get twice the result with half the effort, but also improve your long jump skills., of course, here said the correct posture not only refers to the position before takeoff, and after the jump, swing in the arm and body posture, these techniques how to correct, you can go to watch the professional’s long jump competition, how the female long jump athlete’s posture, and how they can, these can help you.3, let yourself relax let yourself relax, that is to adjust the mentality, before the start of the long jump, adjust their state of mind, do not think about their own jump not far, should empty themselves, try their best to jump, so that even if the jump is not good, you can get an accurate score.In the case of the first two do, the competition should be more leisurely, calm, slowly your long jump level will surpass their original, in order to make continuous progress.