Henghe Town reservoir expansion project

2022-06-17 0 By

Henghe town, located in the southern suburbs of Cixi City, the terrain is plain in the north and hills in the south, with convenient transportation and superior location conditions.Cixi connection line of Hangzhou-Ningbo expressway runs through the town and faces Shanghai across Hangzhou Bay in the north. It is a well-known bearing kingdom and the hometown of bayberry.The actual situation is subject to the project effect. Cixi Water resources Development and Utilization Phase II project (Meihu Reservoir expansion Project), the construction site is located in Cixi City henghe Town.Project construction content is in the reservoir under the condition of invariable catchment area of 23.5 square km, 2.37 meters by heightening reservoir dam, increase the reservoir 6.66 million, punish the MeiHu rivers downstream of many reservoirs, enhance reservoir irrigation and flood control ability, improving the capacity of the reservoir water supply, combined with reservoir capacity at the same time, create beautiful lakes and digital reservoir.Total project investment: 501,600.00 yuan.According to the communication with Manager Zhou, the agent of the project has been confirmed by the end of January 2022, and the construction unit is expected to be invited for bidding in July-August 2022.More bidding information please continue to pay attention to oh!Project source: Biding.com Picture source: Network (the actual situation is subject to the project, please contact to delete infringement)