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The Portland Trail Blazers have been limited this season, with lillard likely to be out for the season because of abdominal tendinitis, and the team’s playoff hopes are slim.The Blazers (20-28), 10th in the Western Conference, were outscored by 20 points Thursday morning at home, led by Anfane Simmons with 23 points and seven assists and McCollum with 20 points and six assists.This game, Smith and little play in doubt.The rockets continue to rebuild this season, rookie Green has been in a slump of late, poor shooting.Porter led the lakers with 16 points and nine assists, Wood added 15 points, and Tate and Shin scored 14 each in a 30-point home loss to the SAN Antonio Spurs on Wednesday morning.In this game, Asian players let 2.5 separate.The rockets recently suffered a series of big losses, the defensive end can be described as a virtual void, inside Wood to Nurkic in a certain disadvantage.Look for the Blazers to beat the rockets.The Pistons continue to rebuild this season, with no. 1 overall pick Cunningham playing well, Grant still injured, and Olynyk in isolation.Cunningham led Detroit with 34 points, eight rebounds and eight assists and Sadiq Bay added 21 points for the 11-36 pistons, second worst in the eastern Conference after a five-point home loss to Denver.Orlando’s season continues to falter, with rookie Rick Wagner doing well and Marcus Suggs settling into the NBA game after returning from injury.The Magic (9-40), the worst in the NBA, lost their last game at home to the Clippers by nine points, led by Wagner with 21 points and nine assists, Carmelo Anthony with 19 points and 11 assists and Marcus Suggs with 14 points.This game sub – fingers to allow 2.5 separate.The hard power gap between the two teams is limited, the Magic attack more points, the team facing the pistons inside slightly better.Watch the magic piston.The Knicks are off to a rocky start this season, but Randle’s play has been disappointing, with both ends of the floor down significantly from last season.The Knicks, who are 23-26 and 11th in the Eastern Conference, lost to the Heat by 14 points Thursday morning, led the bench with 18 points from Taupin, 17 from Barrett and 11 from Randle.The Bucks have limited additions this season, and with all three back, the team remains a serious contender for the championship.Giannis antetokounmpo led the bucks with 26 points and nine rebounds in a 16-point loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers on Thursday morning, while Portis scored 22 points, Middleton added 21 and Holiday was held to just four points by a depleted defense.In this game, the players scored 8.5 points.There is a gap between the two teams in terms of hard power, knicks’ defensive efficiency has been poor lately, and there may not be many ways to limit antetokounmpo in the post.Watch the Bucks win.Competition recommendation: Let the stag win