The first surprise of the Year of the Tiger is the release of key data. Huawei has turned the tables in adversity and won the world no.1 again

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When it comes to Huawei, many people may sigh. After all, huawei’s mobile phone business is really in a bad situation, as it was once the world’s no.1 mobile phone brand and now it has been reduced to “other”.In 2019, Huawei’s global mobile phone shipments reached 238 million units, but now, Huawei is no longer the rival of Apple, Samsung, xiaomi, OV and other brands, and even its “son” Honor is far more than Huawei, so is Huawei’s mobile phone business “lost”?Not so!The first surprise in the year of the Tiger is from Huawei!According to key data released by the media, it can be seen that 49.3%!Huawei has taken nearly 50% market share in such a tough situation, which is quite impressive.Samsung used to be the king of foldable phones, but when Huawei entered the foldable phone market, it shook up the whole market.In 2021, Xiaomi and OPPO also began to enter the foldable mobile phone market, which is becoming increasingly competitive.So why does Huawei stand out?To be honest, Huawei’s foldable phones don’t come cheap.In my opinion, The reason why Huawei’s foldable phone will surpass Samsung’s is entirely based on the design concept.The appearance design of Samsung’s foldable mobile phone is still weak, which is either too feminine or too commercial, while Huawei’s foldable mobile phone is somewhere between the two. Huawei’S P50 Pocket is still young in appearance, with a double ring design, which is very recognizable. Many shadows of Huawei P50 Pocket can be seen in the 2022 Spring Festival Gala.Secondly, Huawei’s foldable mobile phone is not just a gimmick. After study, it will be found that many foldable mobile phones in the market are “more form than reality”, focusing on the screen and ignoring the configuration of other aspects.That’s not the case with Huawei’s foldable phone, which, like Huawei’s high-end flagship phones, comes with a lot of stuff and a lot of features.Even for foldable phones, Huawei also uses the top image system, and the performance of battery life, fast charging, screen, image and other aspects are not broken.Of course, Huawei’s success has a lot to do with Samsung’s strategic development.Users who have used Samsung’s foldable mobile phone know that the maintenance cost of Samsung’s foldable mobile phone is very expensive. Basically, it costs about 7,000 yuan to replace a screen. It has been reported online that Samsung’s foldable mobile phone has lost its screen without any bump, and the maintenance cost is as high as 7,000 + yuan.Samsung has already made the decision to withdraw from the Chinese market, so once there is a problem with Samsung mobile phone, the subsequent maintenance is very inconvenient, and the maintenance cost is relatively high, which also dissuade many consumers.Therefore, if Samsung is excluded, Huawei is definitely the best choice in the foldable mobile phone market among domestic smart phone brands, which may also be the reason why Huawei can become the first in China’s foldable mobile phone market.All in all, huawei is really happy to have such good news at a time when its mobile phone business is facing great difficulties.The foldable phone market has become a new blue ocean. Although Apple has not released a foldable phone yet, Cook has been eyeing this market covetfully for a long time. Huawei can seize the initiative, which is also a good start.