How does the opposite sex net friend chat won’t be checked guard?

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There has always been no accurate answer to whether there is real friendship between men and women.Some people may say, why do so many same-sex friends of the opposite sex, same-sex friends can not be friends?But both sides in the spirit of independence, can resonate in some things, is also a very rare red and blue bosom friend.But for those who are not full of lovers, friendship above the relationship, it is not very general.Sometimes a careless will cause others to misunderstand.Especially between those opposite sex net friends, contact is very inconvenient.How can friends of the opposite sex communicate without being discovered?There will be no unnecessary misunderstanding?Now there is a software that specializes in private chat, good luck, is the perfect way to prevent security checks and protect the privacy of chat.It has a powerful private chat protection function that makes chatting look like playing a game or watching the news.If there is a XX chat app displayed on the mobile phone desktop, a clear-eyed person will know the secret of it at a glance.Lucky Bar has a transformation function, which can turn chat software into different software, hidden in the phone without anyone noticing anything wrong.For example, the mobile phone’s essential calculator, if the chat software is hidden in it, but also normal use, no one will think of its real use.During a chat, you can flip the phone’s screen downward to quickly switch to a disguised news page or a game screen.Talk in front of others, and no one will know you’re talking.Even in front of others to chat, no one can see the content of the conversation.The system converts the chat content into a disguised message set up by the implementation.When notifications of current events, sales promotions, football matches, etc., are displayed on the phone, only the chatting person knows that the message is from a friend.You need a password to see the full real chat.No one will find this secret platform, which is a dedicated space for just two people to chat.The platform does not require real-name authentication, and outsiders cannot add friends through channels other than chat numbers.And the system will not automatically recommend or match friends, no other people disturb the chat process.The system does not have the function of backing up chat records in the cloud. All chat records are encrypted and stored on the user’s device, and users are in charge of their own chat information.